“Elderly” Health Issues That Can Strike At Any Time

“Elderly” Health Issues That Can Strike At Any Time

Today we want to discuss elderly health issues that can strike at any time. There are a few assumptions that we make in everyday life which, in most cases, will not be far off the mark and save us from thinking too much about everything. We tend to assume that if we behave with kindness and courtesy towards others, we’ll get the same back. We also expect that if we live healthily, we’ll be safe from significant medical issues. And staying with health, we also assume that in the first fifty years of our lives, we don’t have to worry about certain illnesses or health questions. And while all of the above assumptions are usually legitimate, they can all be upset by reality.

It is on the final category listed above that we’re going to focus in this article. You may assume that you’re going to have several more years to live through before you need to worry about certain conditions, but they can strike at any time – and it is necessary to keep that in mind should you experience any of the symptoms. Because when health issues happen, they don’t ask for your birth certificate, they just happen.

Hearing loss

Deaf woman takes a hearing testIf you experience some loss of hearing in the first few decades of your life, your initial instinct will be to put it down to some direct cause. Perhaps you have been listening to music too loudly, or maybe some water got in there when you were showering, or something else. You won’t usually assume that you’ve been experiencing progressive hearing loss, but it shouldn’t be ruled out, and you should see an audiologist if it doesn’t clear after a few days. Not only can they issue you with trial hearing aids if necessary, they may also be able to advise you to see a doctor if they suspect a deeper cause.


Not only is arthritis associated with ageing, in many ways it is almost considered to be a shorthand for old age – it is one of the ways the ageing process is portrayed in shorthand in TV and movies. But it is not something that only happens to older people, and you’d be surprised by how young people can be when it first occurs; some people are diagnosed with it before their tenth birthday. If you’re experiencing stiffness in joints, for sure you should consider other causes such as excessive exercise or dietary factors; but if it persists, you should seek medical advice; there are medications which can reduce the effects and give you the chance to keep your youthful lifestyle.


High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is not just a problem in and of itself; it can be a direct cause for other conditions, which include a higher risk of heart attacks, stroke, and even early-onset dementia. Some lifestyle factors can make it more common, including an overly fatty diet as well as drinking and smoking. A stressful lifestyle, and certain medications, are also potential causes for high blood pressure. You can usually test your BP at a doctor’s surgery or even in some pharmacies, and you can now buy monitoring gadgets for use at home. It’s worth looking into this, particularly if you often feel anxious for no obvious reason. There is a lot that can be done to manage blood pressure, so have it checked out.

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