The Benefits Of A Cold Shower For Healthy Hair

The Benefits Of A Cold Shower For Healthy Hair

Cold showers are already beneficial for colored hair, but did you know it can also help limp and lifeless hair or help those struggling with hair loss? Although this is not a fix that works for hereditary hair loss or hair loss caused by lack of vitamins, there are a few options such as hair implants or PRP therapy that can help to stimulate growth and create long flowing locks. In this article, we are going to give you some of the benefits of a cold shower for healthy hair.

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Improves Circulation

One of the benefits of a cold shower for healthy hair is that it increases circulation around the whole body. This is beneficial for your hair as it boosts the circulation to the scalp, helping the hair to grow in the follicle. This is also beneficial for the hair as this will then grow as healthy as possible, helping it to maintain strength the longer it gets. Though this can take time, this will also help to stimulate growth, allowing your hair to grow faster after every trim.

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Lowers Stress Levels

In addition to this, a cold shower can help to reduce stress levels. This is particularly true when the weather is warm outside as there is the possibility of becoming irritated when warm. By having a lukewarm or cool shower, you get the perfect balance to clean the hair without stripping it of the natural oils produced by the scalp. This will allow the hair to lock in the moisture without having to use a multitude of serums and sprays that can all way down the hair and lead it to become greasy.


Enhances Skin and Hair

Due to the cooling element of the lukewarm water, you are cleaning the pores in the scalp and closing them tightly with the cool water. This also provides healthy hair because it removes the chances of any grease and dirt clogging up the pores leaving your hair fresh for a much longer period… By showering in scorching water, you are opening the pores and boiling it at the root, causing the hair to become limp and lifeless as a result. Therefore, turning the temperature of your shower down may be beneficial for your skin in the long term as well as for your hair.

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Creates Shiny hair

The final reason for washing your hair in cooler water is the retention of moisture. The cooler the water is, the less damage you will do to your hair. This will, therefore, make the hair appear softer to the touch as well as much shiner and provide you healthy hair. Though this is not the case for everyone, this is a simple tip to keep the hair looking healthy through all the lengths without using harmful conditioners. If you have colored hair, you will also find that the cool water helps you to retain the color for much longer. This is because the cooler water cannot penetrate the strand as deeply and therefore, your shampoo will not strip the color from the hair.

With this in mind, there are a number of benefits of a cold shower for healthy hair that will not only revolutionize your haircare routine, but will also help to completely transform dry hair into the luscious locks you have always wanted.

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