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Spotting the Red Flags: 5 Signs of Benzo Dependency

Signs of Benzo Dependency

Today we want to share more info on spotting signs of Benzo dependency. Benzodiazepines can be vital for treating conditions such as anxiety and insomnia, but they are also highly addictive. Unfortunately, their misuse can lead to people suffering severe health issues, or in some cases, dying. These are terrifying consequences, but you can avoid them by knowing the signs of benzo addiction. Having this knowledge can help you spot any issues early, giving you the chance to take action before the symptoms get worse. 

Read on to learn how to identify five indications of benzo abuse.

  1. Physical Changes

One of the first things you might notice is that a person abusing benzodiazepines begins to struggle physically. They might lose their appetite, suffer dizziness, and even appear drunk. 

Although benzos, like any other medication, can cause side effects, these signs could suggest a user is taking more than the prescribed dose. 

  1. Mental Changes

Benzo misuse can affect a person’s psychological and emotional health as well as their physical condition. For example, if someone is taking too much benzodiazepine, they might have mood swings.

You could also find they no longer show interest in activities they used to enjoy, and that they begin to neglect their responsibilities. This can be distressing, both for the person who is addicted to benzos, and for those who care for them.

There is no need to tackle these issues alone, and you can contact an excellent rehab clinic that provides professional care and detox. 

  1. Risk-Taking Behavior

When someone is abusing benzos, they may take risks that they would normally find unthinkable. This can include stealing benzodiazepine from others, or driving when impaired.

Unfortunately, the grip of the drug can be so powerful that a sufferer doesn’t consider the consequences of their actions. This can result in causing harm to themselves and others and having to deal with legal issues. 

  1. Increased Benzo Tolerance

When a person abuses benzos, they may require higher doses to get the same effects that they felt when they first started taking the drug. This is referred to as having a higher tolerance level. 

An indication that this may be the case is that someone has run out of benzos quicker than they should have. They may then try to obtain another prescription, even if it is through illegal means. 


  1. Overdosing on Benzos

A benzo overdose can have fatal consequences. Even if medical staff can save someone who has overdosed on benzodiazepines, this is a serious red flag. Warning signs of a benzo overdose include extreme drowsiness, weakness, shortness of breath, and slow reflexes. In severe cases, it can also lead to coma and death. 

Should you suspect someone has overdosed on benzos, seek medical assistance immediately. 

Know the Signs of Benzo Addiction

Knowing how to spot the signs of benzo addiction is important if you or a loved one uses this type of medication. It can be worrying if you notice someone appears drunk while on benzos, or if their moods go up and down quickly. Taking dangerous and unnecessary risks, and suffering an overdose are also major causes for concern. If you’ve found this article on benzo addiction helpful, be sure to read more of our informative blog posts before you go.

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