Is it Possible to Heal a Herniated Disc Naturally

Heal a Herniated Disc Naturally

If you suffer from herniated discs, then you understand how difficult it can be to identify natural solutions that don’t require prescription medications or even surgery. While that is the case, there are numerous treatment options and lifestyle changes you can implement to allow your body to heal naturally. This article looks at the different ways you can heal a herniated disc naturally.

  1. Avoid Straining Activities

If you are looking for approaches on how to heal a bulging disc naturally, one among them is avoiding activities that strain your back. To achieve this, you need to avoid lifting heavy objects or taking part in contact sports such as rugby or football. If you have no option but to lift a heavy object, make sure you utilize a technique that will ensure your back isn’t put under so much stress. Additionally, if you have an office job, ensure your chair is ergonomically designed to offer optimal support to your spine.

  1. Exercise Regularly

A great benefit of exercise is that it helps in strengthening core muscles that offer additional support to your spine. As a result, pressure on spinal discs is reduced, helping them to heal at a faster rate. Engaging in low-impact exercises such as swimming, yoga, or walking will go a long way in improving strength without exerting so much strain on areas of the body affected. Where possible, you can go with gentler forms of exercise such as stretching. 

  1. Sleeping Position

Heal a Herniated Disc NaturallyIt is often difficult to sleep with a herniated disc. However, some positions can relieve spinal pressure and offer the support needed to aid in healing. A recommended position for sleeping with a herniated disc is placing pillows under the knees as you lay on your back. This position naturally aligns the spines and eliminates pressure from the discs in between vertebrae. Additionally, this position facilitates pain relief as it allows the muscles surrounding the spine to relax more easily. Do not sleep on your stomach in case you are suffering from herniated discs as this could result in further strain, leading to increased pain and discomfort when you finally wake up.

  1. Chiropractic Care

Another way to heal the herniated disc naturally is through chiropractic care. This approach entails a natural non-invasive treatment that allows for the adjustment of the spine to minimize pain, reduce nerve irritation and enhance mobility.  Spinal adjustment is usually meant to realign the vertebrae to relieve nerve pressure and alleviate discomfort and pain. The chiropractic professionals will use their hands to adjust the joints gently to achieve the goal of relieving pressure on the nerve and creating comfort.

Bottom Line

Herniated discs often heal with time. Natural treatment options and lifestyle changes can help heal herniated discs naturally. Getting a restful sleep, avoiding intense physical activities, exercising regularly and effective chiropractic care are among the natural ways you can use to heal your herniated disc. If one of these techniques does not work, you can always try a different natural approach. Your healthcare expert can also advise you on what you need to do to improve your situation.

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