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Abuse and Addiction: Why You Should Never Overestimate Prescription Drugs

prescription medicine abuse

There is a widely held belief that the abuse and misuse of prescription medicine have been the catalyst for a sharp rise in the number of people suffering from addiction problems.

Most of the population has a familiar and reliable relationship with how prescription drugs and medicines are administered. This has created a dangerous disconnect between the proper use of medicines to alleviate health issues and the view that some users take, which is to use these medicines to solve their problems.

It is a fundamental point to understand that Fentanyl is different from heroin, for example, but both can create serious issues when misused. All prescription medicines have to be used in the right quantities and properly prescribed by a medical professional. It appears that more than half of teens who are reported to have abused prescription pain relievers acquired them from friends or family.

This is an obvious problem as the dosage is not being properly regulated. Users like this are also not getting the correct health warnings and information either.

A huge underestimation problem

There appears to be a problem with people overestimating the benefits of taking prescription medicine and underestimating the risks they are being exposed to.

Another major issue that arises from a relaxed attitude to prescription drugs is that you put yourself at risk from a cocktail of different drugs interacting with each other in a dangerous way.

When someone is taking prescription drugs that they have acquired from friends or family it leaves them far more exposed to serious side effects and consequences than if they were using the prescribed quantities recommended by a medical professional.

Numerous health problems are associated with the misuse of over-the-counter prescription medicines and drugs

Common health problems associated with the misuse of these medicines include kidney failure, heart problems, memory loss, and even death.

As soon as someone takes more than the recommended dosage of a prescription medicine or takes it at a lesser interval than suggested, that should be categorized as misuse.

The path to addiction

The journey can be frighteningly short between regular overuse of prescription medicine and the development of addictive tendencies.

As soon as you start using a prescribed medicine in a way that was not intended by the manufacturer you could become more exposed to developing the sort of compulsive behavior that soon starts to take over your life.

Signs of prescription medicine abuse

There are some common signs and symptoms associated with the misuse of prescription medicine.

Regular episodes of constipation and feelings of nausea are two classic signs. You might also experience a slower breathing rate than expected and feel drowsy or confused.

Taking prescription medicines in greater quantities than suggested by the manufacturer and a medical professional creates a much higher risk profile than many realize.

Taking some of the medicines to get high, might seem a good idea to a teen at the time, for example, but it is the sort of action that could have very negative and serious consequences.

Talk to a suitable organization if you need help related to prescription medicine abuse.

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