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Here’s Why Everyone is Talking About Sand & Sky

Here at Cliché, we are constantly looking for new products that help us achieve the Beyoncé glow we all desire to have. With so many products introduced to us almost every day, it becomes tricky knowing what’s best. After promising to give an honest review, Sand & Sky sent over their Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask for us to try. After a week’s use, I couldn’t believe how radiant and detoxified my skin looked and felt! Not only did my pores appear smaller, but my skin felt cleaner than it’s ever felt. We chatted with co-founders Sarah and Emily Hamilton to find out more about their product and what’s to come.


Cliché: Where did your inspiration come from to create Sand & Sky?
Sarah and Emily Hamilton: At bellabox, we saw that so many Australian members wanted products produced internationally. However, our collective experience in living in New York, London, Berlin, and Basel told us that the international audience wanted natural products produced in pristine environments specific to Australia. We also wanted to show the world that Australian skincare can be serious and deliver all of the benefits of the big international brands.

The Purifying Pink Clay Mask is a hit! What makes it unique versus other masks on the market right now?
The Sand & Sky Purifying Mask delivers results from the first use. While highly active and effective, it’s suitable for most skin types. Our hero ingredients are from Australia. We source and manufacture in Australia. Everything is 100% made in Australia! Australian’s unpolluted environment, warm climate, and rich soil produce pure botanicals that have been used by indigenous Australians for thousands of years to heal and protect. A lot of Australian brands use natural and organic ingredients that are grown in pristine environments to enhance their efficacy. The harshness of the Australian weather means that skincare has to be high performance, designed not only to enhance the skin but protect from extreme weather conditions. Many brands make sustainability part of their ethos and only work with raw materials that are ethically sourced. Good manufacturing practices and clear labelling laws mean that consumers can see exactly what is in their products and make an informed purchase.

Everyone is always looking for clear skin. From experience, can you offer any advice on how to achieve clear skin?
A skincare routine is the most important part. Cleansing your face and removing makeup every day is compulsory. Detoxifying your skin in-depth regularly helps to remove all impurities and especially pollution dust, which very commonly gets stuck on your skin when you live in an urban environment. A healthy lifestyle including food, hydration, and a good night’s sleep is also key.

When the weather changes, so does our skincare routine. What is the best way to maintain skin care during the colder months, and is the Pink Clay Mask a year-round product to use?
Yes! In the winter, you may find you need to use a richer moisturizer after the mask. Our skin needs moisture in the winter due to moving between the heat inside and the cold outdoors/outside. In summer, we are sweatier and use sunscreen, which can cause congestion, so masking will help keep the skin clear.

What new products can we expect from Sand & Sky?
We are working on extending our Australian Pink Clay range in order to provide a complete routine to address the most common issues our customers shared with us, including enlarged pores, dull complexion, oily skin, and imperfections.

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Here’s Why Everyone is Talking About Sand & Sky: Photos courtesy of Sand & Sky

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