5 Tips to Restore Your Virgin Human Hair Wig

5 Tips to Restore Your Virgin Human Hair Wig

When it comes to maintaining your virgin human hair wig, most people are unsure whether to treat it like normal hair or not. Simply put the treatment is the same you would do for your natural hair. Even the highest-quality wig hair can inevitably deteriorate after some time. If you are looking for some useful tips, then give a read to this article:

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#1: Give Your Hair Wig a Conditioning Treatment

Give your virgin human hair wig a pre-wash treatment to make it soft again. Pre-wash treatment is exactly the same you do for your natural hair. The treatment includes applying natural oil such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, grape-seed oil, or Moroccan oil along the entire wig length. If not oil, you can also apply moisturizing liquid to condition the hair of your wig. Leave the oil or conditioner for almost 30 to 45 minutes under a shower cap and then gently wash it. You will significantly notice a clear result.

#2: Occasionally Wash Your Wig

Just like natural human hair get dry, freeze, and dirty, the same can be expected for your virgin hair wig. Thus, the cleanliness of the wig is equally important. For that, you can occasionally wash your wig with clear water like after every 10 to 12 wears. The washing of the wig is a simple, quick, and easy task. All you need is a moisturizing shampoo. Carefully use your fingers along the wig length and slightly rub your fingers to clean the scalp area. Then, rinse thoroughly and gently with clean water.

#3: Moisturize Your Wig

Just like mentioned above, you can use the moisturizing conditioner to make your virgin human hair wig soft again. You can begin applying the moisturizer from scalp area to roots and then leaving the extra moisturizer to the dead ends. Allow the moisturizer to sit for like 5 to 10 minutes. Use your fingers or a comb to untangle the hair.  For a deep conditioning treatment, you can leave the moisturizer for 15 minutes and then clean with normal temperature water. You can also apply conditioners, moisturizing cream, or heat protecting spray while using straighteners and curlers to style your wig hair.

#4:  Blow-Dry Your Wig

Blow-drying your wig is also a viable option to make it neat-looking and soft again. It is advised to set your blow-dryer at low heat or temperature to protect your natural human hair wig. To achieve an appealing look for your wig, use a brush or comb while you are blow-drying. Not only blow-dryers, you can also use a flat iron, straightener, or curler iron to create wonderful styles on your wig. The styling tools allow you to produce natural curls, beachy waves, loose curls, and jet straight hair, depending on your choice and preferences. With natural human hair wigs, you can play and style the hair as you would do to your natural hair. You can achieve attractive hair looks in no time and by putting in little effort. You only have to remember one tip here-begin from the front of your wig head and work backward until the whole wig is done.

#5: Tips When You Sleep

For a night care routine, use silk or satin scarves. These scarves are well-suited to prevent your natural human hair wig from drying out on cotton pillowcases. If you are not up for wearing scarves, you can directly use pillowcases and bed covers made with silk or satin fabrics. This way, you can secure the softness of your wigs for a longer-term. The soft wigs make it easy for you to try new and even difficult hairstyles.

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