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Calling all stationary collectors, paper lovers, and fans of handmade pretty things out there! We’ve got something special to share just for you. We’re introducing a monthly box that brings you the most gorgeous paper goods we have ever seen, right to your doorstep—Wilde House. Created by the creative duo Lauren and Megan, this one-of-a-kind brand offers their fans paper pieces that are prettier than anything you’ve seen. Featuring handlettering skills, colors that pop, picture perfect designs, and so much more, this monthly box makes all of your dreams come to print. Founded in California (where the two talented founders met), Wilde House is done up more every month, even with the gals now living across the country from each other. Talk about girl power and teamwork! Learn more about how these authentic and magical women bring you a brand that is simply beautiful in everything that it does. Read our exclusive interview with Lauren and Megan below—we’re sure you’ll become just as smitten with them as we have.
Cliché: Tell our readers a little about yourselves.
Lauren & Megan: We met in California during a workshop Lauren was teaching in 2014. We teamed up shortly after that and created Wilde House not really knowing yet which direction we were going to take it. After weeks of brainstorming and planning, it hit us that there was a gap in the market for stationery designed in our style. There are a lot of great designers, but none we felt that captured the mix of sassy, pretty, cool, and clean designs that we wanted. Megan moved to Philadelphia to create as a graphic designer for Free People, and Lauren stayed in Orange County lettering and styling for A Fabulous Fete. Since we were going to be thousands of miles apart, we knew handling a full line of stationary wasn’t a realistic plan for us, but designing a box once a month was totally doable. Just one month later, our first box shipped.
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What inspired both of you to create Wilde House?
Honestly, that it’s just fun to get pretty things in the mail. With all of the bills and junk, it’s nice to look forward to something each month that is like a gift. And each month we design around a theme, so we do our research and try to find what’s missing for ladies with our style. For example, in December we designed a box full of super cool wrapping items because it’s almost impossible to find decent holiday items around us.
Are there any challenges in working as a team split across the country? How do you two keep the ball rolling?
Definitely! It’s not easy, especially with the time difference. We’ve started working further and further out from our ship date to ensure that we both have time to complete our tasks. A lot of our work is dependent on a decision or a piece of art from the other, so knowing that the other’s success in getting things done on time depends on you is a motivator. Plus we have frequent FaceTime dates… texting and emails are great for lists and to-do’s, but brainstorming is ALWAYS done “face to face.”
How is content curated for the boxes? What inspires each month’s theme?
Themes are usually inspired by what is going on around us,which includes holidays. If it’s not themed around a holiday, it’s based on something fun we find a need for in our life, like our debut box filled with goods to deck out your bar (cocktails and wine are close to our hearts;).
If you each had to describe Wilde House in 3 words, what would they be?
Lauren: Lighthearted, quirky, tongue-in-cheek (that counts as one, right?).
Megan: Artistic, sassy, #onpoint.
Where do you envision the brand in the future? What do you hope for it?
We’ll always be a box company… until people hate them and stop buying them! Who doesn’t like a surprise every month in the form of paper? However, we do hope that it can grow from here into a full stationery line eventually. We have so many ideas that either don’t make the cut, or we just can’t justify because of costs for our box. So to be able to create everything we come up with for a line would be amazing. Oh, and also working out of our ocean front office in Laguna Beach 😉
Join the Wilde tribe on and don’t forget to share your lovely designs that you’ll receive with the hashtag #thewildetribe on Instagram.
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