Work-from-Home Fashion in the Times of COVID-19

work from home fashion in the times of Covid-19

Work-from-Home Fashion in the Times of COVID-19: How the Pandemic Has Changed Our Sartorial Senses

Today we want to discuss work from home fashion in the times of Covid-19. Little remains to be said about how the pandemic has disrupted our lives and changed the way we function and interact with the world. Industries have shut down, and the ones that have somehow managed to stay afloat had to change their core values. Businesses shifted online and started branching out in different directions so that they could stay put and navigate times of crisis. As such, most people found themselves working from their homes. Now working from home, despite certain technological impediments, seemed to be a lucrative offer. There was no need to follow any dress code or dress up in formals every day. One could slip into their comfortable pajamas and start working from the comforts of their beds. Thus, the demand for formals and office wear went down, and fashion and lifestyle brands had to change the kind of clothing they manufactured.

Most of these brands started a new “work-from-home” fashion line to attract more customers and make a profit out of the pandemic. Having said that, in this article, we shall take a look at the ways in which fashion has changed and evolved over the course of the pandemic. Plus, one thing that we must consider is that the virus is not going to disappear. Work-from-home might be our new permanent reality. Therefore, only because we might have to continue working from home does not mean that we should stop paying attention to our fashion game. Therefore, without any further ado, let us look at our present state of work-from-home fashion and see how we could experiment with the same to tweak our sartorial elegance.

Pajamas Replaced the Classic Pair of Denim Pants:

Working from home has been a comfortable affair for most of us, as we already mentioned in the article before. No one had to follow any dress code or stick to formals. And in case we had to attend Skype calls and meetings, we could easily team our formal t-shirt with more comfortable bottoms. Most fashion and lifestyle brands jumped on the bandwagon and started manufacturing different kinds of pajamas.

Comfortable and chic pajamas made out of silk and cotton started being sold, and people also started opting for accessories that complimented the casual style.

A pair of denim pants has stood the test of time, and people have always opted for them over anything. You can team them up with a crisp, white formal shirt or wear a more casual tee with it. However, ever since the pandemic struck us and we started working from home, denim pants took a backseat and found a permanent place at the corner of our wardrobe. Pajamas replaced these good old pairs and became a preferred choice of clothing for work.

Bermuda Shorts Are Back in Style:

In all honestly, Bermuda shorts have always been in vogue. However, better casual wear started inundating the fashion industry, and people realized that there is more to lounge and beachwear than just Bermuda shorts. However, now that we have started working from home, these comfortable little things are back in action. There are a number of ways in which you can style your Bermuda shorts, even if you practically have nowhere to go. Bermuda shorts have mainly been a choice of fashion for men.

However, in a day and age where sartorial choices have no gender, these shorts can be worn by women too. Team up your Bermuda shorts with a fabric of your choice or any type of shirt. Bermuda shorts come in several patterns and styles. Feel free to choose the one that suits your style the best. In fact, you could even take a walk outside in these lovely pair of shorts or play online at when you want to take a break from work. There are a number of ways in which you can experiment with these shorts, if you have the will for them.

Casual Suits For Meetings

We still want to look presentable in zoom meetings, and look and feel our best. When it comes to tailored men suits, opt for more breathable and lightweight fabrics. Think woolen suits, relaxed shirts, linen blazers, and chinos for a more casual appearance.

Sports Wear is the New Luxury Loungewear:

Most people working from home are opting for clothing like track pants, leggings and trainers. This not only helps them feel active but also encourages them to hit the gym right after work. Working from home is easy and comfortable, but it also makes a couch potato out of a person. Therefore, if you want to incorporate some discipline into your life and ditch the couch after you are done with work, slip into these trainers and gym gear. In fact, these workout clothes have now been adopted by people as the new loungewear. They are super easy to wash, wear and maintain.

Wrapping Up:

There are a number of ways in which you can experiment with your work-from-home fashion, and the points that we have mentioned in the article are just a few. The pandemic has changed all that we knew about our lives, including what we wear and how we wear them. Therefore, if you have become too comfortable in your pajamas, maybe try to explore a few more options about how you could experiment with them and ramp up your work-from-home fashion.

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