Coats for the Chilly

image2Happy winter, darlings!
I’m sure you are all looking chic in your winter gear, while also staying warm. The trick is lots of layers and accessories. Hats, scarves, and gloves are my tiny saviors for staying warm and clean; I despise touching public doors and handrails, so gloves to the rescue! However, nothing will keep you as warm as a durable coat. I could buy an infinite amount of coats, but I only allow myself to purchase a maximum of three coats per year. I think everyone should have at least two coats in his or her closet, one fundamental coat with a hood for the unpredictable winter weather, and another simple pea coat for more upscale events or holidays.
When I walk past a store and notice they are putting their coats out or see something leopard, I automatically make a note to myself to tell my Nunu (an inside joke/nickname for my mother). I love shopping with her because we give each other a little shopping high, especially when we buy coats. We LOVE fur coats and anything else fur, but I tend to gravitate more towards faux fur. I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of wearing fur; I feel extremely guilty, but it’s just so luxe. Not only does the price tag push my Nunu and I away from purchasing real fur, but it’s the maintenance process that serves as another burden. If not taken care of properly, they begin to ruin. Fur coats and accessories need to be kept at certain temperatures or in fur storages, but, honestly, who has the time?
My latest coat purchase I made, with Nunu’s approval of course, was a black Kenneth Cole faux fur coat from Macy’s. The thigh-length coat has button closures and is very soft and warm; it feels like you’re wearing a baby blanket. I can even wear a sweater underneath and not feel like it’s too bulky. Don’t forget to get a hat, scarf, and gloves to go with your new coat!

Tatiana’s Coat Shopping Tips:

  1. Coat length: The longer, the better!
    I make sure my coats cover my thighs or at least my bum. Coats are an investment and I make sure my coats are doing their #1 job: keeping me warm.
  1. Fur: More fur, more warmth!
    I love when coats are lined with fur on the inside or have a fur trim detail because it adds extra warmth.
  1. Pockets: Convenient and handy, no pun intended!
    Easily stores your gloves, phone, Metrocard, etc. or simply put your hands inside when it’s too cold for comfort.

Kenneth Cole Faux Fur Coat,, $200
Kenneth Cole Fur Coat

Woolrich Literary Rex Parka,, $895


Sofia Cashmere,, $1,400

Alpaca Coat,, $169

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Coats for the Chilly originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Dec 2015/Jan 2016 issue

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