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Susie Abromeit Talks ‘Jessica Jones’

Susie Abromeit is a self-proclaimed fangirl, and now she’s living the fangirl dream by becoming a part of the Marvel universe. But before she landed the role in Netflix’s newest original series, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, she appeared in projects such as Battle: Los Angeles, Hollywood Heights, and Devious Maids. We caught up with Abromeit before Jessica Jones premiered on November 20 to chat about joining the Marvel universe and what she loves about the show. 
Cliché: Before getting the role, were you familiar with the Marvel universe?
Susie Abromeit: As a little kid, I read comics here and there, but I’ve been a fan of the cinematic Marvel world. I was totally the fangirl that wanted to go see Iron Man when it came out because I do have a bit of a fangirl in me, which makes this so exciting. I think comic books are an amazing platform. Interestingly enough, with this project, I read the pilot about six months prior to getting the role. I was so in love with the script and thought the character of Jessica Jones was amazing. It was a very challenging and amazing story. I put on my vision board that I wanted to play a character like her or be on the show. She was just so dynamic, and my obsession with the characters and story manifested on my vision board. I never put up a specific project before, but then I got the role, and it’s been an amazing experience.
What did you like about the script?
I just thought that it was so well written, just everything about the incredible backstory. I think the reason why so many people respond to comic books, at least from my experience, is that there are these amazing backstories. Everyone has the part of the story where you have to learn about where they came from and why they do the things that they do. That was so fascinating to me. There’s other scripts out there that don’t develop those parts, but you have to be specific to create that rich life.
STARZ Original Series "Outlander" presents a Q and A with showrunner Ronald D. Moore, producer Maril Davis, writer and producer Matthew B. Roberts, writer and producer Toni Graphia, and author Diana Gabaldon at the Arclight Hollywood on Monday, October 5, 2015 in Los Angeles. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision)Can you tell us about your character, Pam?
I play the love interest to Carrie Anne-Moss’ character. She’s a very strong, dynamic, sexual character, but there’s a real softness to her. And you also get to see where I have this dialogue and this relationship with Jessica Jones, since Jess is so hard and Pam is just trying to make people around her happy. She wants to do her job well, but there are some major obstacles that she has to overcome. She wants to have integrity in doing the right thing.
What makes Jessica Jones stand apart from other shows?
First of all, I think with this being a female-driven show that it is groundbreaking, and to add the lesbian couple to the mix really is even more wonderful. It’s dark and haunting and powerful, and the journey we get to experience through Jessica Jones’ eyes is a rollercoaster. She’s an extraordinary human put into the everyday world and having to exist in that and still have the trauma and damage—how do you move past it? And I think the reason why Marvel characters resonate is because they are flawed, powerful, beautiful beings, and we identify with that. We feel like we can be extraordinary, too, and yet, Jones struggles with being nice to people, which some people can identify with, too. She has a heart of gold, but being polite to strangers is hard for her.
How was working with David Tennant?
I really only got a chance to work with him at the table read, but I would just watch in awe. The guy would go for it. He would just be in the moment of being the character in the table read, and sometimes it’s not like that. But it was so beautiful and an absolute inspiration to sit back and watch him get into it.
Have you watched the episodes yet?
I haven’t seen them yet, but I’ve heard from the ones that aired at Comic Con that it’s amazing. It’s dark and haunting and heavy, but an amazing, awesome show. I actually sat with my boyfriend and watched the trailer. Now, he’s usually really critical, but after it was done, he said it was something he would watch even if I wasn’t in it. That’s always what you hope for. You want people to want to watch it.
Do you have a favorite superhero?
Well, it’s pretty hard to beat Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man. He’s the ultimate hero and so quick and witty. I’m also a huge fan of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. I love it all, especially Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker. That’s a role that will be talked about forever. I’m also excited for Suicide Squad. I’m so ready. My fangirl is going to come out.
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Susie Abromeit Talks ‘Jessica Jones’: Photographed by Matt Sayles

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