6 Easy, Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Your Closet

So, Halloween really isn’t your thing, is it? It’s already the end of October and you haven’t even considered a Halloween costume. Well, little did you know that your new job requires all employees to dress up, or maybe your best friend is just begging you to come along to a dreadful Halloween party, or maybe the spirit of Halloween possessed you and you just want to be a part of the fun.  No matter the reason, you’re stuck coming up with a last minute Halloween costume. The horror!

Save the terror for the haunted houses and gross looking Halloween themed treats! I have some last minute costumes that you can throw together in a matter of minutes just from your closet! I’ve got a whole spectrum of your classic ghouls to some more out-of-the-box characters. There’s something on this list for everyone! Here are 6 easy, last minute Halloween costumes you can make from your closet.


1)   Witch

What you need:

  •         Dark dress
  •         Cardigan
  •         Stockings/long socks
  •         Black shoes
  •         Necklace with an odd stone or charm
  •         All the rings that you can find
  •         Dark or red lipstick (optional)
  •         Witch’s hat (optional)

The witch is a classic! While it may be an obvious costume choice, I threw it up here because it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you need all of these fancy costume props to look the part. Everything you need is right there in your closet! All you need is a creepy-looking dress, some odd jewelry choices, and your charm. You will get this costume done so fast, it will feel like magic.

*Psssst! Do you have two other friends in search of a Halloween costume? Go as the Charmed characters (original or reboot)!*


2)   Bat

What you need:

  •         Black dress
  •         Black stockings
  •         Black shoes
  •         Black cardigan
  •         Bobby pins
  •         Ears headband (optional)

I’m sure you’ve seen the infamous cat costume hundreds of times. Sure, it’s convenient, but honestly a little overdone. Dressing up as a bat is a more unique option with the same amenity. All you have to do is throw on an entirely black outfit with the essential black cardigan. Once you have on the cardigan, bobby-pin the loose ends to the sleeves to create your bat wings. The ears headband is a helpful detail to the costume, but definitely not crucial. I have on some bat ears, but if you don’t have access to those, you can always use those cat ears you had purchased from Halloween’s past!


3)   “Cereal” Killer

What you need:

  •         Black shirt
  •         Black pants
  •         Black beanie
  •         Black gloves
  •         Cereal boxes
  •         Tape or Velcro

Here’s a more goofy twist to the Halloween costume ideas. Everybody loves (or detests) a good pun. Once you have your stealthy, all-black, perfect getaway outfit on, it’s time to attach your unfortunate victims. Go through your cabinets and find all of the cereal boxes you can, then tape or Velcro them right onto your clothes. If you have time, you can certainly paint on some fake blood for some extra gory details. Maybe you’ll get some laughs, probably a couple of eye-rolls, but you’ll definitely get lots of saved time!

*Psssst! You can also turn this into a good couple’s costume! One person can dress as the cereal and another can be the milk!*


4)   Street Performer

What you need:

  •         T-shirt
  •         Ripped jeans
  •         Flannel
  •         Boots/sneakers
  •         Beanie
  •         Fingerless gloves (optional)
  •         Guitar/ukulele/harmonica

This costume is meant for the talented! Want to show off your musical skills to your crush? Here’s the perfect subtle excuse to do just that! Just make sure your instrument of choice is easily transportable.


5)   Wednesday Addams

What you need:

  •         Black dress
  •         Knee-high socks
  •         Black shoes
  •         Braids
  •         Black lipstick (optional)

Wednesday Addams is a Halloween favorite who is often overlooked. She is an adored classic with such an easy look to assemble. The toughest part here is mastering her infamous scowl.

*Psssst! Going with a group? You can easily turn Wednesday Addams into a goth costume and have each person in your group go as another high school clique stereotype!*


6)   Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

What you need:

  •         Light blue or white dress/shirt/pants
  •         Flower crown
  •         Something shiny

Bare with me, I know this is an odd one, but trust me, it’s a great choice for those of you who want to stand out for creativity. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is the perfect last minute costume choice because she’s a character that literally everyone knows and her look is completely up to interpretation, making this an easy costume to design in minutes. Being a metaphor for LSD, you can go as intricate or as vague as you have time for! For all of my bohos out there with a great imagination, this is the costume for you.

*Psssst! Here’s another great couple’s costume idea! Rather than Lucy, you can easily turn this costume into Mother Nature and have a matching Father Time!*


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6 Easy, Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Your Closet.

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