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Wise Up and Boot Up

Nothing says hello autumn like a solid, gusty down pour. Maybe you just can’t wait for the cozy excuse to curl up with a romantic novel, listen to the rain tapping on the window, and fall asleep to the faint howls of the storm. On the other hand, you may be dreading the trek to class, knowing your umbrella will inevitably turn all sorts of inside out, and your mascara will take a dreadful slide for the worst.
According to, in the Atlantic Basin (the North Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea), hurricane season is typically most active between mid-August through October. The height of the season being mid-September, with about as many major hurricane landfalls as October and August combined, the NHC says.
So the challenge then this fall is how to pull off being both functionally adorable, and unnecessarily wet.
The Rain Boot
Oh glorious foot warming contraption. The rain boot will become your best friend this fall. On muggy days exiting summer, they will keep your feet out of puddles and in style. Pair your galoshes with shorts and a light-weight rain jacket to make transition in to September fun.
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Once the chilly weather hits, the legging-boot combo will rule your weekly trek through the rain. You can’t go wrong here, with the versatility of tops to match: oversized sweaters, rain jackets, cardigans – welcome all things autumn.
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And finally, once the autumn rain subsides, turning to frosty snow in November and December, your rain boots will still be just as dependable. Layer up with jeans, wool socks, leg warmers, and your hand-dandy boots to conquer any storm that comes your way this season!
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