Organize Your School Bag

Organize Your School Bag

 During the school semester, our schedules can be filled with extracurricular activities, study groups, and club meetings just as our school bags can be filled with essays, study guides, and miscellaneous items we don’t even remember putting in there. When dashing from class to class, sometimes we bring the wrong notebook or folder or misplace our homework in our bags, finding it much later hidden between the pages of a book. Our school bags can become a home for everything–even energy bar wrappers and must-have snacks for night classes. Truth be told, our bags can quickly become messy and disorganized. If only our bags were neat and tidy, just as ready to take on the day as us.

Thankfully, they can be! Keeping your your school bag organized is possible. With the help of some fabulous products and our helpful tips, you can keep your bag in order! Read on to see how we organize our school bags for stress-free school days!

A folder is your homework’s friend; but your homework’s best friend is an expanding file folder. You won’t have to go out and purchase multiple folders. Just this one will keep you from accidentally bringing the wrong folder to class. You can keep each and every one of your classes’ work in it without mixing any papers up! No more wrinkled assignments and mixed-up homework.
(13-Pocket Flippity Flock Poly Expandable File, $6.99,
Whether it’s your laptop, cell phone, E-reader, tablet, or whatever other device that’s out there–if it can fit in your school bag, it ends up there. Remember though, tech gadgets need to be handled with care so making sure they’re tucked away safely is a must. Protective sleeves are made for almost any device out there. They provide a soft padding for your piece of technology, separating it from everything else in your bag. So even if one of your water bottle leaks, your tech devices will be safe.
(Tranquil Travels iPad Air Sleeve, $24.99,
(Wolf iPhone Sleeve $43.04,
Of course you can always purchase a notebook that is separated into 3 subjects, but sometimes carrying that big pad around can weigh on you–literally. Try purchasing separate notebooks and then sliding the ones you need on specific days into a binder. Just match up the holes of each notebook into the rings on your binder and snap!
(Greenroom 1in Metallic Dot/Stripe Ring Binder, Target)
School lunch prices can often add up, and let’s face it, there is no beating homemade food. Finding easy storage for our lunch or snacks can sometimes difficult to find. We have two ways to help end that organizational hunt! You can carry food in a separate lunch bag that can keep your food fresh and hot. Or you can stack your meal into these space-saving containers that allows you to keep different parts of your lunch separate. As for a beverage, use a reusable bottle that can easily be refilled at your school’s water fountain.
(Stayfit Lunch 2 Go Container, $5.99,
(Ju-Ju-Be ‘Fuel Cell’ Lunch Bag, $25,
(Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker, $25.99,
Makeup and Necessities
All of us have items we need to have on-hand, whether they’re cosmetics or toiletry-related products. Pouches are the perfect second homes for these products. We absolutely love clear pouches for stowing away makeup; they allow you to see what is in there and where it is without having to dig for it. For your toiletry needs, we’re more for the colored or printed pouches. We don’t want anyone really seeing tampons in our bags! With a design or bright color, they’ll look stylish while hidden from everyone’s curious eyes.


(Lulu Clear Cosmetic Bag, $10,


(Striped Cosmetic Pouch, $4.80,

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