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Jamie O’Neill, founder of Skull Sugar Cosmetics, has worked behind the scenes at Fashion Week and for numerous photo shoots. She is an award winning makeup artists and salon owner. After years of working with cosmetics, Jamie created Skull Sugar in order to give makeup that is both beautiful and functional.

Recently, Cliché sat down with Jamie to discuss how she found her passion for cosmetics, why she started Skull Sugar, and how her product is different from the rest.

CLICHÉ: Did you look up to anyone or find inspiration in anyone growing up?

Jamie O’Neill: I have always been obsessed with two women growing up, Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Paige. Marilyn had this soft side to her, a classic and innocent beauty. She had so many inspirational quotes that I have used in the courage to build my business. Bettie was stunning, exotic and was a reflection of the hard edge beauty that I love to this day.

CLICHÉ: What made you want to start your own business?

JO: I started my cosmetics line because I have shifted my thinking on the products I use. I wanted to use talc and paraben free cosmetics that were not tested on animals. As an artist, it was difficult to find highly pigmented products that meet those standards. Skull Sugar was born out of a need I personally had in the makeup artistry field.

CLICHÉ: What is the difference between high-quality mineral cosmetics and other types of cosmetics? Also, how important was it for you to have a cruelty free product?

JO: To me, a high quality product is something that is made from better raw ingredients. In general, high quality cosmetics use better quality base ingredients, which cause the products to glide more smoothly, last longer, crease or crack less often, and be gentler on skin. They can also be custom formulated to treat acne, and other skin issues. High quality cosmetics also provide a richer pigment and require little to no touch up’s through the day.

CLICHÉ: Name a few celebrities that have used your products.

JO: I am very much honored to have had our products used by celebrity makeup artist Melissa Walsh, who used them at the 2013 Oscars! They have also been used on international supermodel and author Sarah DeAnna for her latest magazine cover, Terri Seymour for the Vanity Fair Party, and Nadja Swarovski!

CLICHÉ: What has been the most popular product thus far?

JO: Our most popular product is our Eye Shadow Primer and the Cloak & Dagger eye pigment. The primer makes the eye pigments pop, turns them waterproof, and lasts all day! Our Loose Mineral Foundation is a close second since it can be used as a liquid, a concealer and a powder all in one.

Read the full story on pg. 48 in June/July 2013 issue!

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