Ed Letter: June/July 2013

Editor-in-Chief Megan Portorreal gushes about the arrival of summer, her month-long trip through Europe, and Cliché’s fourth anniversary.

I am currently writing this ed letter from the back seat of a CR-V, where the ever-green fields of Slovakia stretch out in every direction. For the past three weeks I’ve been away from the States, trekking through Eastern Europe like every recent college grad would, seeing the sights, speaking very little English, and eating more ice cream than I’d like to admit.
Literally the day after my college graduation, I hopped on a plane bound for London, then Prague, excited to start a whole new adventure in my now limitless life. And that’s exactly what this June/July issue is about: hopeful, and exciting, summer adventures.
Every issue of Cliché has been very special to me, to the point where every new issue is my new favorite that month. However, this June/July issue is even more special because 1) it’s our anniversary! and 2) I’ve officially been the new editor-in-chief for one year! And what a year it’s been! I am completely blown away by the progress we have made this past year, and how much our team has expanded. I can only promise that things are just going to keep getting better and better.
Our June/July issues, in particular, are always a joy to put together because the only thing we have in mind is summer—summer playlists, summer reading, summer fun, summer vacation—and we’ve packed this issue with just about everything to get you excited for warm nights and pool time. From our summer beauty essentials list (p. 50) to our ultimate guide to swimsuits (p. 20 & 92), you will be ready for summer in no time at all!
We’ve added a few new columns to our mag as well, specifically the “What We Love About…” column (p. 16), where you will find a list of things we are excited about this summer, from movie premieres to album releases!
And we mustn’t forget our gorgeous and multitalented cover girl, Cara Quici, whose music career, like the summer, is only just beginning (p. 120).
May you all experience the best things summer has to offer! Enjoy the anniversary issue!
Megan Portorreal
[email protected]

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