FRAGments: Celebrating the Art of Perfume

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Artisan perfumery is a movement which firmly separates itself from mainstream perfuming. Artists use a variety of fragrant media to create unique olfactory experiences, and rather than catering to the masses with department store been-there done-that scents, these perfumers explore the infinite artistic potential of fragrance.
FRAGments (derived from “fragrance movement”) is a series of events that has been created in celebration of the diverse artisan perfumers and recognizes that they are all fragments of a whole and move in every direction.
The first FRAGments Underground, Artisan and Indie Perfume Event was held on Saturday, June 22, 2013 at MorYork Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. Perfume artists from around North America gathered to present their work in an intimate gallery setting.
MorYork is the studio of Clare Graham, whose recycled art – made from discarded materials – is the product of everything from dominos and buttons to yard sticks and tin cans. Graham brings together disparate elements in ways that create harmony and balance. His studio of eclectic work provided an appropriate atmosphere for the diverse group of perfumers to come together and share their own unique creations.
The event kicked off with a salon-style discussion amongst the perfumers moderated by Saskia Wilson-Brown, the director of the newly formed Institute for Art and Olfaction. Those in attendance had their senses blown away by the exquisite fragrances of over a dozen skilled perfumers, with whom they were able to mix and mingle.
With the FiFi Awards recognizing perfume talent every year in London, museums dedicated to fragrances, and new scents hitting the market almost every day, and now events like FRAGments taking on art galleries, it’s clear that we still have a lot to look forward to in the world of perfume.
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