Adult Coloring Books: Mel Simone Elliott’s Invention

Every year, we  excitedly anticipate summer for its promises of beautiful weather, sun-kissed skin, and, for some of us, the end to yet another stressful school year. We often come to find ourselves locked-up in our bedrooms, watching movies during the endless plethora of rainy days. Having younger siblings or a kid of your own can have it’s advantages, such as having an excuse to watch cartoons or spend that free time to bond over a coloring book and a fresh pack of Crayola crayons. But what if there’s a way to get that same enjoyment without using a child as an excuse? Well, my fellow kids-at-heart, thanks to Mel Simone Elliott, it’s possible.

What started out as a creative outlet for dealing with heartache, eventually became a brand now known as I LOVE MEL. Mel’s talented hand and love of pop culture has led her innovative ideas of turning childish past-times into an adult’s guilty pleasure. Thus far, she has made paper dolls, temporary tattoos, activity books, and of course, coloring books, and they’re all targeted towards young adults (or older, not judging!) who are not yet ready to let go of the simple pleasures of childhood. If you shop at Urban Outfitters, you have probably already come across these delightful things, but for the rest of you, allow me to introduce you to the Colour Me Good series. There are books dedicated to fashion, the 90’s, the 80’s, famous record album covers, classic horror films, hip hop artists, and even Hollywood’s most famous gingers. Not sold yet? Well, every now and then Mel does an entire coloring book for a single celebrity. So far she has covered Kate Moss, Ryan Gosling, and most recently, Cara Delevingne. So the next time you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, or even trying to kill time while traveling to your next vacation spot, make sure to have one of these nifty coloring books handy.

You can check out and purchase Mel’s merchandise here:

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