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Liane V Discusses Her New Capsule Collection with G by Guess

Liane V is the kind of person you might see everywhere, doing everything. She likes to keep busy as an actor, YouTuber, model, musician, and now, fashion designer. With the launch of her recent capsule collection with G by Guess, we can see just how busy she is.

Liane V’s fans love everything she does. With over 172,000 followers on Twitter and 4.4 million followers on Instagram, her fans feel like they are following the success of one of their friends and cheering on every milestone she passes. Liane doesn’t have a first career love. Instead, she loves all the work necessary to manage everything she does.

“I’m so passionate in every angle. I am so very much infatuated with anything creative, like music,” she says. “I moved out to L.A. because I knew I wanted to be in the industry and I already had a heart for fashion and music. I discovered comedic skits when I moved out here, and I honestly don’t think I’m funny, but a lot of people like my comedy videos. I come up with really great ideas. While juggling all these things, I can’t say I have a favorite, but I do enjoy creating everything.”

Creating everything is exactly what Liane does. In her multi-hyphenate career, a clear schedule is key. Though she is surprised by how much she manages to get done during the day, Liane has a schedule and a calendar for her own work, but the tough part is coordinating with other creators and scheduling out time to do videos with her parents. Liane is often juggling the schedules of others with her own, but she has learned to take things one step at a time and pay close attention to deadlines. There is also the pressure of making sure she doesn’t double book herself as, admittedly, she has in the past, or overbook herself. The learning process for the influencer has been an “on the job” one, which is true for many creators.

Top & pants: NA-KD, Earrings & ring: Jewelry Bar USA

If Liane wasn’t already busy enough, now she’s also creating fashion lines. Her capsule collection with G by Guess is filled with new twists on holiday classics like jumpsuits and dresses that will be the statement pieces your wardrobe needs. Our favorite piece is the (currently sold out) Liane V Candlynn Velvet Dress, which Liane says she’d pair with a black clutch, heels, and a bold red lip, but the collection has something for everyone to love. The partnership between G by Guess and Liane had a surprising beginning.

“I’ve been working with G by Guess since before the collection,” she explains. “I was working with their team on social media campaigns and doing a few shoots for them. When they reached out to me and said they wanted to work on a collection, I was so shocked! To be honest, I’m still taking it in now. I have a dedicated window in the stores and people send me pictures of themselves with them! It’s really mind-blowing and the whole process felt like a dream.”

What’s her favorite piece in the collection? It depends on the occasion. However, Liane loves the Cecelia Jumpsuit because it is comfortable and reminds her of a disco party. And she didn’t just slap her name on the tags of the collection and go. She was very involved in the creative process. She recalls going back and forth to the headquarters, meeting with the Guess co-founder Paul Marciano, taking trips with the Guess team, and wanted the pieces to reflect her personality so people could understand it was really hers.

I’m so passionate in every angle. I am so very much infatuated with anything creative.

Liane’s favorite part about making music also makes it clear why the road to fashion design makes sense for her. She enjoys music videos and the process of creating “an image for the music.” She knows that everyone loves to listen to great music, but once you put a visual to a song, “sometimes it can make the song even better.” Her favorite video to date was one she shot in London and Paris. Her keen eye for what works visually explains why Liane is so good at her job. She knows what her audience wants and what will keep them asking for more.

Making new videos every week for her YouTube channel isn’t easy, but the gratification comes in knowing that people are engaging with her videos, leaving comments, and laughing. She also enjoys when they come up to her in public and encourage her to keep making them. The work that Liane does is inspiring the viewers of her videos and that’s the biggest reward for the influencer and it’s also a great motivator.

Dress: White Fox, Earrings: Princess P Jewelry, Necklace: White Fox Accessories, Ring: Charles Albert Jewelry, Ring: Jewelry Bar USA

Her dream is to act beyond YouTube and try her hand at the big screen. She is looking into acting classes to sharpen her skills because, to her, “it’s a whole different world from comedy skits to acting.” She says in comedy skits you have to overact because you have limited time to try and get a laugh.

Getting laughs is a part of her job, but learning how to unwind after a long day took some work. Liane started losing hair because she was so stressed out at one point. As an influencer, she wears many hats. She is often the director, producer, camera person, dancer, and actor for her creations. There is a lot of work and long hours that go into the job. In order to unwind, she goes to the movies or has a spa day with her girlfriends. She also spends a lot of time with her family as well as her dogs, Noah and Sir Bigsby. After unwinding, it is back to work for Liane, who is hoping that the immense amount of work that she is doing now will pay off for her career in 5 to 10 years.

“I hope that it is definitely on a whole other level. I do want to cross over to the big screen and I do see myself continuing to design clothes,” she says. “I just want to do everything I am doing now and elevate it to the next level. I really want to be an international brand. I look up to JLo because she is a person I feel has created a strong brand. She’s also Latina and I’m Filipino. I love how she represents Latinas and I want to be that for my Filipinas.”

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Liane V Discusses Her New Capsule Collection with G by Guess: Photographer: Quavondo, Styling: Yesenia Cuevas, Hair: Ieva Radina, Makeup: Nina Arce 

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