Why We Love Foot Cardigan

Here at Cliché, it’s safe to say that we all are a little subscription box obsessed. From Glossybox to Rocksbox, if it includes sweet goods that’ll get delivered to us on a monthly basis for an affordable price we’re all over it. Can you even blame us? Raise your hand if you’re just as crazed as us! Don’t worry—we’re all in the same boat here. So who would it hurt (Besides our wallets, but with the quality items you get for the price that can be overlooked!) if we shared with all of you another subscription box service you’d love to subscribe to.

Now it’s not another box full of beauty or snacks or athletic gear. No, it’s something much different. A basic essential that we all seem to overlook from time to time—socks. Meet Foot Cardigan, a quirky sock subscription that is the bee’s knees if we ever did see some. For a monthly fee, or one-time payment as a gift, of only $9 you’ll receive a pair of rad, one-of-a-kind socks. The plus besides the price? They’re a complete surprise! Just as receiving packages it’s like a present to yourself, it’ll be ten times more better with this unexpected style.
Despite not knowing what sock style you get each month, we think that is the whole beauty of Foot Cardigan! It’ll literally help you step outside of your comfort zone if you receive socks with a whacky print, like sunny side up eggs or pineapples. No matter which one you’ll unwrap we know one thing for sure—they’ll put a smile on your face when you wear them. Show them off with a pair of basic kicks or keep them as your little secret under your work wear. However you decide to wear your stylish surprise is all up to you.
Foot Cardigan 2
Ready to take a step in the right direction with Foot Cardigan? Head to and grab a pair for yourself, a friend, roomate, kid sibling, child, penpal living in a different country (because hello international shipping!) signifanct other or yourself again—once every month. There are no limits with Foot Cardigan.
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Why We Love Foot Cardigan: Photographs courtesy of Foot Cardigan and Victoria Olmo

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