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Why the Cropped Fleece Hoodie is a Must-Have in Every Modern Wardrobe

cropped fleece hoodie

A cropped fleece hoodie is one of the best items you could have in your wardrobe. Some may think of it as only cold weather attire, but it can be surprisingly beneficial to wear throughout the rest of the year. Its many benefits and reasons for its fabulousness make the fleece hoodie a definite must-have for any season.

Always on Trend

cropped fleece hoodieBella + Canvas says that a women’s cropped fleece hoodie is always an appealing item to wear. Chances are you will see the sweatshirt on many fashion lists, especially for fall and winter, and it is often on lists for one of the classic basics you should have in your wardrobe. You cannot go wrong with an item that is fashionable and designed to keep you warm and cozy.

You can wear it almost anywhere you travel

Many places you will travel to will have weather that is either cold throughout the day or warm during the day but it gets chilly in the evening. Bringing a fleece hoodie, especially one in a versatile hue like white or black, makes it easy to have the stylish warmth you want whenever you need it.

You could pack the sweatshirt in a suitcase, but if you are flying, it is an item you will want to wear onto the plane as it has multiple uses. For starters, it can keep you warm while you are flying, especially if the air conditioning is going full blast in the cabin. It can also be beneficial when you are sitting on a hard chair. Fold it up, and it is an instant mini cushion.

Speaking of a cushion, ball up the fleece hoodie, and you have a comfy pseudo pillow on which to rest your head during the flight if you feel like napping. You could also put it behind your neck as a neck pillow instead of having to carry a separate one with you.

It protects from unexpected weather changes

Have you ever been out somewhere when the weather suddenly changed in what felt like minutes? One moment the weather is calm, and the next, a chilly wind starts blowing, or it is warm, and not long after, you are shivering because of how cold it got. The fleece hoodie can offer protection against unexpected weather changes. If the wind picks up or it starts snowing or raining, you can put up the hood, and if the weather turns cold, you have extra warmth at your fingertips.

It provides warmth without multiple layers

cropped fleece hoodie

Photo by Monstera on Pexels

There is nothing wrong with wearing multiple layers if that is what makes you feel most comfortable, but a fleece hoodie gives you a different option if you want the warmth without all the layers. Certain other options, like sweaters, might not be warm enough, or, if they are, you might just not feel like wearing them. When it comes to staying cozy and comfy, you could never have too many options.

They are not restrictive

Unless you are wearing a fleece hoodie in the wrong size, they are typically anything but limiting. They usually offer plenty of maneuverability, especially when it comes to moving your arms around. If you do choose to put it over another layer, it will still likely not feel restrictive.

You can wear them with any bottoms

A fleece hoodie is so versatile you could wear it with anything from jeans to chinos to skirts, and it will still look great. This gives you ample versatility to sport the fleece hoodie you love while also being able to wear almost any type of bottoms you want as long as they complement the color and style of the sweatshirt.

You could sport them for many reasons

There are many reasons and occasions when it would be appropriate to wear a fleece hoodie. For example, you could wear it while shopping outdoors if it is cold or indoors if the air conditioning is blasting, wear it while you are outside watching a sports game, or if you are going out for a casual lunch with friends or out to run errands. You could even leave the fleece hoodie in your car or bag and carry it with you in the event you find yourself needing to throw on a warm, stylish extra layer.

Hoodies may help you feel relaxed

Delighted black woman in hoodie

Photo by Monstera on Pexels

Chances are you know how exciting it feels when you get home at the end of a long day, and you take off more structured, form-fitting clothes to change into a much comfier sweatshirt. However, once you put on the fleece hoodie, it may be much easier to feel more relaxed when you finally get to unwind while you put your feet up while wearing comfy garments.

You get a lot of versatility for the money

If you think about all the versatility you get out of even one fleece hoodie and compare it to what you spend on it, there is no doubt that you are getting your money’s worth. It is a piece of clothing you can wear throughout each season and with multiple pieces of clothing, giving you plenty of outfit and usage possibilities.

Start with buying one in a shade of which you will get the most use, such as black, so it gives you even more possibilities for how you can wear it. Make sure you choose a size that will allow you to sport it as is or with a thinner layer underneath, yet it should not be a size you feel is too big or small for you. Take a look at the sizing chart if you are buying it online, but if you are purchasing the sweatshirt in person, try the hoodie on, especially over another garment like a t-shirt, so you can get an idea of how your outfit will look and feel on a regular basis.

Maybe you have been toying with the idea for some time about getting a fleece hoodie. If that is the case, consider the previously mentioned reasons signs that you should. You may be surprised how many ways you can wear it and with how many pieces, giving you an extensive amount of use out of a single garment.

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