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Anti-Valentine’s Day: How To Turn Valentine’s Day into Your Day

Valentine’s Day (also known as Single Awareness Day): a day dedicated to showing a significant other how much they are loved and appreciated, and a day to remind everyone who’s single that they are alone and to annoy them all day with romantic movies and commercials about expensive gifts.

As most of us have learned in elementary school, Valentine’s Day is intended to show appreciation for anyone dear to our hearts, whether it’s a relative, a friend or yourself. If you’re spending the remaining days left until Valentine’s Day wondering what you’re going to do to avoid all the gushy couples around you or in movies on TV, here’s a list of ideas on how to turn Valentine’s Day into Your Day. 
Paint N’ Sip
Find a paint and sip class near you. Invite a friend or two and enjoy making art while sipping on some bubbly. What to wear: For this activity, I’d want to be cute and comfortable. Pull on a pair of leggings with a short sleeve turtleneck.
“Galentine’s Day”
Have dinner with a bunch of gal friends that you know who are single. Whether it be your co-workers, cousins, or personal friends, and head out for a night of drinks after dinner. Be sure to take have a designated driver or call a cab! What to wear: Sweater dress! It’s cozy yet still sexy for a gal’s night out.
Movie Night
Pick out a few movies–old or new–that you and your friends enjoy and have a movie night at home. Or go to the movie theater to see what’s new for the week (50 Shades Darker is perfect for girls night!) What to wear: Keep it casual, blue jeans and a T-shirt.
Pamper yourself
Use the day/night to get comfortable and pamper yourself. Go to a spa and get a facial, mani-pedi, massage, or aromatherapy. Your body is a beautiful temple that deserves to be treated with love and care. What to wear: if you’re at a spa or home, wear a warm fuzzy robe.
Date night with yourself
Make – or buy – your favorite dinner and dessert to have at home, along with your favorite wine, and put on your favorite movie. Nothing is better than having alone time to indulge in your favorite things without any interruptions. What to wear: Again, keep it casual or wear pajamas if you’re home alone.
Yoga & Brew
 If you haven’t already, find a yoga and brew class near you. Enjoy a session of yoga and a beer after for extra stress relief. Or just a yoga class alone. It might be something new you might enjoy! What to wear: Yoga pants/leggings/shorts with a tank top.
Plan a mini road trip or book a mini vacation. Go somewhere new, either alone or with company, to explore a new city and it’s culture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on Valentine’s Day since it falls on a weekday –  plan a trip for the following weekend. 
Treat yo’ self
Take those Valentine’s Day commercials into consideration for the benefit of yourself. Love yourself and treat yourself to something nice for once if you haven’t yet – you deserve it!
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