Katy Perry Superbowl Fashion

While New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks fans cheered on their favorite teams to win the Lombardi Trophy at Superbowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona, (the Pats, in fact, won after a nail-biting interception at the goal line in the last 20 seconds), Katy Perry fans gushed over her outfit changes during her lavish halftime performance. From riding a huge, mechanical tiger while in a short dress embroidered with flames to a gorgeous, floor-length silver gown littered with stars, Perry wowed the audience with her flawless looks.

Diary Sketches founder and artist Laura Kay was so inspired, in fact, that she captured Perry’s four Jeremy Scott outfits in the best way she knew how: by sketching. The popular illustrator — who even designs her own phone cases — sketched each high-waisted, retro look in all its perfection. If you’re loving these sketches as much as we are, then head over to for more fashion illustrations, or check out Diary Sketches on Instagram at @DiarySketcheslk.
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Katy Perry Superbowl Fashion: Art by Laura Kay

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