Who needs a boyfriend when you have a bomber?

Fashionistas across America are twiddling through the weather icons on their freezing iPhones, dreaming of luxury vacations in Cabo San Lucas or Rio de Janeiro. Basically, all a girl wants is a one-way ticket to a destination that doesn’t require five layers of woolen sweaters, shear-link earmuffs, and disposable hand warmers to protect her newly manicured nails from frostbite. We envy stylish bloggers like Sincerely Jules, Tuula Vintage, and Lustforlife as they post snapshots sipping margaritas in between style shoots, brunching on fresh salmon crudités, and dipping their toes into the turquoise waters of the ocean. As if your life couldn’t get any worse…

Oh girl, but it does! City Slickers cuddle with their “boos” underneath wool blankets, sippin’ on hot chocolate or skinny vanilla lattes, in front of their urban rustic fireplaces. They wrap their arms around their lover, as if he is the most sufficient form of warmth. But really now… What about all the single babes? If you think you’re left in the cold alone… think again.

Single is stylish, and you don’t need a boyfriend. In Chicago, it’s literally -13 degrees right now, and I’ve found a way to fight through the torture, as a single and style girl. You’re probably thinking… WHAT? How does a single girl deal with the freezing weather without any man to protect her from freezing her buns off? In fact, I’ve become more stylish in the process.

Meet my boyfriend. He’s the bomb—my Rag & Bone Bomber Jacket, to be exact. Here’s the deal… he’s black and white, blended with wool and cotton. He hugs my whole body extra tight to protect me from the storms. Bad to the BONE … obviously, it’s Rag & Bone.

All you gotta do is take a trip to the men’s department. I dare you. Dig into the treasured troves of the Barneys NY or Saks Men’s section, and show the boys how to work it.  Rock a Chevron Weave Topcoat, Double Breasted Pea-coat, Plaid Hipster Jacket, or Leather Motor Cycle, and pair it with some killer rock-star booties.  I promise you’ll be the hottest chick on the block (no boys needed).

Here are 4 hot dates worth checkin’ out:

Stay warm.


Featured image photographed by Judd Holland


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