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Men’s Fashion Inspiration: Three Types Of Shoes To Wear With Suits

Shoes To Wear With Suits

Today we want to share three types of shoes to wear with suits. A sharp suit can be a head-turning look, but pairing even the best suit with the wrong footwear can spoil your style. Whether you are heading out to work or to a wedding event, let’s explore three of the most popular types of shoes to wear with suits so you can look perfectly put together no matter where you are going!

Looking both smart & sharp with versatile ankle boots

Some of the most striking shoes to wear with suits are actually boots. In the past few years, men’s Chelsea boots have become more popular with celebrities and the man on the street. Chelsea boots were first worn by men in the 1830s, made for the House of Queen Victoria by J. Sparkes-Hall. They have come a long way since then, and can be worn with jeans (especially black and tight-fit styles), and also suits.

The slim style of the Chelsea boot adds an unexpected flair to a suit, whether you choose leather or suede varieties. Slim-fit suit trousers with no break or a narrow break between the hem and the boot are best, and you can even wear them with a tuxedo. If you follow the latest fashion trends online, or take inspiration from your favourite celebrities, you’ll find that ankle boots are popular footwear for both men and women and look like they’re not going out of style any time soon.

With so many colors and materials available in ankle boots, they can be a great option to wear for a date, a wedding, or work. Derby boots or Oxford boots are two other stylish types of shoes to wear with suits that are ideal for formal outfits. Though it might be best to avoid cowboy boots and combat boots, as these can be seen as too casual and actually pair better with jeans and not suit trousers. And always remember to use leather boots protection, so they can last longer.

Opting for laid-back casual with stylish men’s sneakers

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It may come as a surprise that suits and sneakers can go together and look truly sensational. This may have been viewed as an unlikely pairing in days gone by, but in recent years celebrities have been leading the charge in creating dressed-up looks with sneakers at red carpet events. In the height of summer this year, many male celebs took a more laid-back approach to the red carpet instead of dressing a lot more formally. Aaron Taylor-Johnson was seen pairing white sneakers with smart trousers and a polo shirt, and star of Bridgerton Regé-Jean Page wearing smart all black sneakers with a black matching two-piece suit and black t-shirt.

These celebs have highlighted how neutrally shaded sneakers, such as white or black, can work with a suit for a more informal look. This informal look can even be carried on into the workplace, if your company allows business-casual wear. However, for a more standard workplace style, boots or brogues will be a better fit. Of course, wearing sneakers with suits doesn’t mean simply slipping on your old running shoes with your favourite smart trousers. You need to be careful when combining sneakers and suits, and a failsafe choice can be choosing a pair of clean Converse sneakers. 

Both Converse high tops and low tops work well with suit trousers, either with a shorter leg length and no socks for a relaxed summer style or regular leg length for stylish evening out outfits. Since the early 1900s, Converse have been creating creative sneaker designs for both men and women to wear, in a variety of colors. Whether you wear staple black or white high tops or opt for bold red or striking blue, these types of men’s sneakers are good shoes to wear with suits as they can be styled in a more casual way for those who aspire to a more offbeat aesthetic.

Classy shoes to wear with suits: comfortable brogues

Sometimes when you are searching for the best shoes to wear with suits, you just want to reach for the classics. Brogues may have had a humble start, being worn by farmers in the 19th century, but they soon became known as more elegant and dressy shoes in the 1920s. This makeover has lasted through to the present day when they are regarded as some of the most suitable shoes for suits.

Either black or tan brogues can make a suit of any color look even more stylish, with quarter brogues being recommended for more formal events. This is because the small perforations in the material create an embellished look which isn’t flashy enough to draw attention away from your suit but will add textural dimension. Brogues are especially great shoes to wear with suits for men attending smart-casual or more formal wedding events. They can be smartly paired to match a suit of the same color or you could opt for shoes of a different color which still compliment your suit color.

For businesswear, it is best to opt for leather in a single tone which will have a good shine. A sleek black or brown brogue, when polished to its best, can also look good for attending weddings, though brogues are generally not considered to be suitable for a black tie event. Here, a more formal shoe may be necessary, or add your own style with sharp black polished boots.

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