Ester Tania Dishes on Being the Internet’s Self-Care Sister

Ester Tania adores being known as the “self-care sister” of the Internet. “It feels amazing! I love being associated with health and self-love,” she says. Her self-care regimen is elaborate, but totally worth it. “I have a very long one when I am home but I travel almost every single month for work so I usually simplify it, however I will give you the full version. I always treat myself when it comes to my skincare routine, which includes essence, toner, serum, moisturizer, a thick cream and facial oil to seal it. I also love using the new face and doing face yoga. My self-care routine also includes the gym, stretching, eating a plant-based diet and a gallon of water a day. I also love using the sauna 30 minutes a day. I love using a face mask and making a smoothie or superfood tea or tonic everyday as well. It’s a huge part of how I comfort myself. Finally, when it comes to taking care of my mind, I need to spend time with my family every single day. They give me so much comfort and unconditional love. We always love cooking and watching movies together. Being with my family is definitely the most essential part of my self-care regimen.” People are clearly taking notes, as she has garnered over 2 million TikTok followers. She reaches out to them whenever possible. “I love going live as often as I can and answering their questions but also asking THEM questions. I am very interested in getting to know them. I also love doing giveaways with products I’m sent so I can share the wealth with my supporters.”

Ester gained notoriety with her story time series. The inspiration for the series was her own life. “I have experienced so much living in LA and working 14 different jobs, from being a cocktail waitress at a strip club to waitressing and acting. I knew sharing these stories would be one of the most important things I could do for myself and for my audience. I started and it became a great formula, so I haven’t stopped since.” It allows her audience a safe space. “I always keep the storyteller anonymous, and they trust me for that reason. If you go to the comment section, you will see hundreds of comments giving good genuine advice and sometimes people need advice from a non-biased source.” She’s an actress, too! “I love playing the more disturbed characters, even though that can come with a huge responsibility. I love comedy as well!” Despite stumbling into online fame, Ester knows acting is her first passion. “I think my TikTok success will and has absolutely already helped my career, but I will never quit acting.” She’s juggling many things in life as we speak. “I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family and friends! I also have many projects coming out next year, which is thrilling but I also have so much work ahead of me. It’s exciting.” Fear not, however – your self care sister will still be by your side!

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Ester Tania Dishes on Being the Internet’s Self-Care Sister. Photo Credit: Brendan Byrne.

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