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Loey Lane Talks About Her New Book and the Supernatural

YouTuber and author Loey Lane thrills her subscribers with tales of the paranormal. Her spooky experiences are channeled in her new book, Haunted in Hollywood. Fresh off her book release, Lane dishes on her growing up in a haunted house, her ideal ghost hunting gang, and her superstar pets.

Cliché: Tell us about your new book, Haunted in Hollywood!
Loey Lane: Well, my new book Haunted in Hollywood is about a girl named Loey Lane who with the help of her Haunted Lit Squad goes on a ghost hunt in Los Angeles.

The fictional Loey luckily has a hot guy on hand to help her take down the murderous ghost. If you had the opportunity to go ghost hunting with any of your celebrity crushes, who would you go with and why?
Okay, I’ll keep my crush a secret and say: I want all of the kids from Stranger Things to go ghost hunting with me. They can definitely join the Lit Squad.

Obviously, if your channel is any indication, you have a strong affinity towards paranormal activity and ghosts. What sparked this interest? What’s the scariest or most bizarre paranormal encounter that you’ve ever experienced?
I grew up in a haunted house and would talk to people that weren’t there—not imaginary friends. I talked to this man and called him the Colonel and I was 2. My parents never said a word like Colonel and I would keep talking about him. That freaked them out!

The scariest paranormal encounter was going to Marilyn Monroe’s suite at the Roosevelt Hotel (which is a setting in Haunted in Hollywood) and I experienced banging on the walls and a woman crying in the bathroom and that’s just the beginning!

In addition to being a YouTuber, you’ve always had a passion for writing. Does your writing ever inspire your vlogging or vice versa?
My vlogging influenced my writing for sure! But I’m inspired by everything and pull inspiration from everywhere. I’m a storyteller and love to tell stories in any medium!

Would you say that your writing gives you a creative outlet to explore the more fantastic side of the supernatural?
Yes! You can take a real story but also build on top of them in the writing to add fun moments, twists, and turns that didn’t happen in real life but really enhance my stories and character development.

You’re also a plus size model and many of your videos are plus size lookbooks! Do you find that the plus community is underrepresented on YouTube and in the fashion industry at large?
It’s because of women brave enough to get in front of camera and be candid about their bodies and style that body positivity is more accepted each year and we are seeing the mainstream embrace diversity. So there are a lot more opportunities.

You’ve stated that you’ve taken a step back from the body positivity movement before. What does body positivity mean for you personally at the current moment? Do you ever feel pressure to embrace body positivity because of your platform?
I had taken a step back when I gained weight and struggled with my own body image. I wanted to take a step back to relearn body positivity and understand it better. What I’ve learned is it’s something that will always be a struggle. It’s a daily struggle, not a state of enlightenment you reach.

On a lighter note, your pets are the breakout stars of your Instagram! Give us details on all of them. Your horse definitely deserves his own side account.
If I gave you all details on all of my animals, this would be a new novel, but they are all healthy, happy, and ready to steal the spotlight from me. Check out all my extra family by following @LoeysLittleZoo on Instagram and keep up with the fun. You’ll definitely see Disney, my cute horse!

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