What to Wear This Fall: ‘Clueless’ Yellow Plaid is Trending

What to Wear This Fall: ‘Clueless’ Yellow Plaid is Trending

Summer is coming to a close soon and we’re all going to experience a little blues. Whether you were on vacation or will simply miss those beach trips, sometimes it’s a bummer when the season ends. However, that means that fall is just around the corner. With what the Fall 2018 runway shows produced, it’s pretty clear that this season is going to be a fun time for fashion. One of the strongest trends to hit the runway? Believe it or not, a top 2018 fashion trend is ‘Clueless’ yellow plaid. Reminiscent of the ‘90s cult classic ‘Clueless’, you may be wondering how to pull it off as a daily look. Surprisingly, some designers and trendsetters make yellow plaid—or even variant colors of plaid—look effortlessly easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Designer Looks: ‘Clueless’ Yellow Plaid Trend for Fall

It seems like just about every designer has their take on the plaid trend. Some of the looks are a bit much for everyday wear, but others are stylish and sophisticated.

Sarah Battaglia Fall/Winter 2018

Sarah Battaglia’s yellow plaid is a pair of high-waisted trousers with a matching structured blazer. The addition of the tights and combat boots gives the outfit a city-chic blend of grunge and sophistication.

 ‘Clueless’ Yellow Plaid

Sara Battaglia Fall/Winter 2018 Look. Photo Credit: Getty Images


Matthew Adams Dolan Fall/Winter 2018

Dolan takes a bright yellow plaid outfit and compliments it with a fitted denim blazer. It’s an updated throwback to the ’90s.

 ‘Clueless’ Yellow Plaid Trend

Matthew Adams Dolan Fall/Winer 2018 Plaid Look. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Versace Fall/Winter 2018

This schoolgirl look by Donatella Versace is a high-fashion take on a blazer and pleated skirt. It’s brightly colored and also has a touch of punk, which makes the ensemble all the more fun.

 ‘Clueless’ Yellow Plaid Trend

Versace Fall/Winter 2018 Plaid Look. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Celebrities Who Wore the ‘Clueless’ Yellow Plaid Trend Right

The high-end plaid looks don’t have to scare you away from this trend. There are plenty of ways to wear a Clueless-style plaid without looking too busy. Here are some of the celebs who have made this trend look easy.

Bella Hadid

 ‘Clueless’ Yellow Plaid Trend

Bella Hadid in an on-trend yellow plaid tied top. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Emily Ratajkowski

 ‘Clueless’ Yellow Plaid Trend

Emily Ratajkowski opting for a plaid jumpsuit. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Gigi Hadid

 ‘Clueless’ Yellow Plaid Trend

Bella Hadid in a laid-back combo of plaid and denim. Photo Credit: Getty Images

We’ll Be Seeing You in Plaid This Fall

Plaid is always a quintessential fall trend, but this year it’s bigger and more Clueless-inspired than ever. Try a simple button down like Gigi Hadid’s or take some tips from Matthew Adams Dolan’s sleek look. If you’re really digging these schoolgirl vibes then pair some knee length socks with boots and you’ll be ready to go. Any sort of plaid is really versatile if you do it right, so once you find those essentials, you’ll be able to recreate many different looks with a few key pieces.


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What to Wear This Fall: ‘Clueless’ Yellow Plaid is Trending. Featured Photo Credit: Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection.

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