J Summer Fashion Show 2014: One World Trade Center


(Official Photo) J Summer Fashion Show 2014 at 1WTC by Jessica Minh Anh (3)

If you could pick one unique place to have a catwalk where would it be? If you picked One World Trade Center, Jessica Minh Anh beat you to the punch. This isn’t her first time hosting a fashion show in an unconventional place. She’s even hosted a catwalk with a platform suspended into the Grand Canyon. Jessica is making a name for herself by hosting shows in breathtaking venues that make a statement. She hopes that what she does can be appreciated for bringing fashion from all over the world together and creating a historic legacy.

screenshot2.jpgThe gowns were jaw dropping and didn’t lack in the glitz and glamor department. Jessica Minh sported her iconic red lip with porcelain-contoured skin, and heavy lashes. Her hair towered over her, it was artistically styled to resemble the Freedom Tower itself. She has given a voice to the new generation and has shed light, creativity, and proof that beautiful things can be celebrated even if that wonderful something was a result of something so terrible. History cannot be changed, but new history can be formed and good memories can be made. The view from the 63rd floor was mesmerizing and the New York City skyline tends to have that effect. Until next time, we are here wondering where is she going to conquer next?

Images for J Summer Fashion Show 2014: One World Trade Center by John Oakley

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