School Staples

School Staples

The ringing sound of the bell marking our start to hurry up to class is right around the corner. July has left us, and as we move into August, we must prepare for the back-to-school season to begin. The preparation of moving into dorm rooms, finding the right (i.e. cute) stationery supplies, and making sure our schedules are up to par is all in full swing. Of course, what comforter we want, what notebooks we need, and what classes we take aren’t the only school related tasks on our minds. What is most important is what we will be wearing–duh! Looking good ultimately makes you feel good, and most of us can say that back-to-school shopping for clothes helps put that pep into our step. We can go to our classes feeling confident, comfortable, and stylish all with the help of a few school staples.

When shopping for clothes to return to school, you don’t have to stock up again on a whole new wardrobe–as much as we would love to! Instead you can invest in some basic quality pieces. You will be able to mix and match these pieces together to create more outfits than you would think you have. A stylish trick just for you! We’re here to break down the must-have items you are going to want and need in your closet this upcoming fall. You can thank us later for saving some cash in your wallets!
1. The Right Tote
Picking out a bag to carry all that we need during the day can be just as hard as picking out the perfect, little black dress. Our go-to bag for this fall is able to provide all that you need–comfort, space, and style: the tote. You’ll be able to keep everything you must have on hand, including your books, lunch, and feminine needs, all in tow. It will all be organized and a quick hand grab away.


(Tote’s Amaze Bag, $49.99,

2. The Trench Coat
Go neutral and purchase a taupe or nude coat. Be bold with color and go for a bright red or royal blue. You can’t go wrong with a versatile coat that can take on almost any weather. Whether it’s raining or is a cool enough day for another layer to compliment your outfit, the trench coat is a light and simple addition to any look.


(Silence + Noise Drapey Trench Coat, $149,

3. The Rain Boots
One thing is for certain during the fall season: it will rain come sun or clouds. You really never know when those droplets will fall so be prepared. Rain boots can be a super shoe when you don’t want to ruin your precious shoes on puddle-filled days. Now rain boots have become a style piece all on their own. They’re available in adorable prints, fine textures, and basic colors for everyday wear.


(Packable Puddletons, $39.99,

4. The Black Denim
Black will always be the new black–point blank. A pair of black denim jeans can go with absolutely any top and can be your grab-and-go bottoms when you can’t decide what to wear. They’re an easy way to stay stylish while looking cool and effortless. Purchasing ripped jeans or adding some cuts at the knees of a pair you already own can give you a more urban and distressed look.


(Bullhead Denim Co High Rise Skinniest Slit Knee Black Jeans, $45,

5. The Panama Hat
Other than the basic beanie, the panama hat can be your hair’s best friend. They’re mostly seen in black, but you can also be a bit risque by purchasing a wine, emerald, or blue one. At this point in fashion, anything can become a neutral. So why not a panama hat? The fact that it makes you look chic on any given day is just an added bonus.

panama hat.jpg

(Jordan Panama Hat, $58,

6. The Printed Blouse
Prints are not budging in the trend reports. No one blames them either. They’re absolutely fun to experiment with and can be surprisingly sexy, like the snakeskin print. At first prints may seem a bit intimidating, but all you need to remember is a print with a basic is the way to go. Toss on a printed blouse, and pair it with a basic colored skirt or even some black denim–outfit complete.


(Carven Printed Blouse, $470,

7. The Midi Skirt
It looks like the mini and maxi skirts aren’t the top favorites anymore. The midi skirt has made it clear that there is a new style in town ever since its appearance this past year. With its comfortable length, you won’t have to check if your skirt is too short or have to keep lifting up the hem. Instead, you can walk easily in one of these numbers without any worries!


(Knife Pleat Midi Skirt, $67.71,

8. The Leopard Belt
Speaking of neutrals like the panama hat, let’s face it–leopard print has certainly become a neutral. Some fashion experts may disagree, but we adore this spicy touch of animal print on looks. A leopard belt is the perfect accessory. Add it around a skirt or with some skinny jeans.


(Skinny Printed Calf Hair Belt, $68,

9. The Oxfords
Menswear always seems to come along as the number one trend for fall. Oxfords provide that masculine yet feminine touch to an outfit. Slide them on, and you’ll be set all day. You’ll be fashion forward and comfortable going to classes, work, and all other activities you super women do.


(Metallic Brogue $49.90,

10. The Sweater
Sweater weather is better weather. Are we right? Fall is the epitome of just that, and we can’t go through this season without having our favorite sweater in tow. Whether it’s loose, varsity inspired, oversized, or Cosby-esque, a sweater is super easy to layer with. We’re guilty of wearing them just for their extra comfy and snuggly factor.


(Hinge Short Sleeve Pullover, $44.90,

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