What Girlfriend Collective is All About

How many times have you gotten frustrated over a pair of leggings that don’t fit right, are made of poor material, or are just plain unflattering? It’s happened to all of us and, to make matters worse, most fitness brands sell their leggings for up to $100! Ellie Dinh, together with her husband, Quang, plans to launch Girlfriend Collective in just a few months to combat the need for affordable, quality athletic wear. Starting with leggings, the duo hope to revolutionize the idea that luxury clothing means a high price point while also bringing accountability into the fashion industry. Dinh explains how Girlfriend Collective will embody values such as ethical manufacturing and respect for the earth.

For a company that hasn’t even had their official launch yet, Girlfriend Collective is generating a lot of buzz. For a limited time, you can get free leggings on their website (minus the cost of shipping ) by giving your Facebook or email. The leggings are shipping out in waves with the next batch coming this summer all the way from Vietnam. The one question on our minds is “what makes these leggings so special?” For one, they won’t break your wallet when you purchase them. They are also made from recycled water bottles as well as a special weave that eliminates shearing. The leggings’ pattern takes over 9 months to develop and has been engineered to flatter every possible figure.
We’re pretty excited for the September launch of Girlfriend Collective and while you still can head over to their website to snag your free leggings.
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What Girlfriend Collective is All About: Photos courtesy of Girlfriend Collective

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