Olympian-Approved Gym Bag Essentials

Team USA has created quite a frenzy with their awe-inspiring ladies like Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas. With their astounding performances and unflinching beauty game, it’s no wonder that women across the globe are dying to score a smidgen of perfection one way or another from these lovely Olympians. Watching these beauties has inspired us to up our beauty game and our workout, so here are some Olympian-approved gym bag essentials that will surely be a perfect 10.

Optimized-SweetSpot Labs & On-the-Go Wipes
SweetSpot Labs Wipes & On-the-Go Wipettes give your body a refreshed feeling after a long, hard workout. Made from natural, pH balanced ingredients, these wipes can cleanse your body of sweat and dirt. It’s the perfect wash, toss, and go refresher you need to feel the empowerment of climbing the mountain without looking like you climbed one.
Optimized-Skinfix Inc Rash Repair Balm
Most of us don’t think to prepare for chaffing when working out, but it’s a commonality especially when we sweat a lot. Rash Repair Balm takes care of that worry or fear! This balm soothes and protects skin from wetness, friction, and irritation. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to calm, protected skin while you enjoy a good intense work-sesh.

Optimized-Lash Extensions


As much as we love mascara, we have yet to find one that is 100% water and sweat proof! So the secret gymnasts use to keep their makeup as on-point as their routines are lash extensions. A growing trend in the beauty world, these babies are hard to beat, lasting 4 to 6 weeks without a smudge (like waterproof mascara) or budge (like false lashes) even during your most challenging workouts. Oh and did we mention: they’re also swimmer approved!
Optimized-ama la Soothing Moisture Cream
Lastly, nothing says a good workout quite like the feeling of callouses. Or does it? With lots of use and no protection, callouses can cause our skin to become red and inflamed. Soothing Moisture Cream is a great treatment to bring hydration back into the skin while Skinfix Body Butter, an intense treatment, can be used for our hands and heels. This treatment is most effective when covered overnight with socks and/or gloves overnight.
Optimized-Skinfix Inc Ultra Rich Body Butter
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Olympian-Approved Gym Bag Essentials: Featured Image Courtesy of Matthias Schrader/AP Photos Courtesy of SweetSpot, ama la Beauty & Skinfix Inc.

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