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Converse x Virgil Abloh is the Collaboration You Need to See

In a world of street style collaborations, it’s easy to always be interested in what’s next. In this case, the next major release is the Converse x Virgil Abloh sneakers.

Many know of Virgil Abloh, one of the newest creative masterminds to the streetwear game, and fashion’s busiest man. Between being the chief executive officer and founder of the high-end streetwear fashion house Off-White, as well as the newly appointed artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear, Virgil has also recently collaborated with Converse to release his version of High Tops.

Street style is taking off and selling out. It isn’t just the exclusivity of these collaborations that attract consumers. It is also the hype behind it. Major streetwear brands like Supreme and Off-White are able to sell anything they put their brand logo on. Some consumers may be attracted to the kitchiness, but many also buy these exclusive products for their resale value. Items like the Off-White Air Jordan 1s, which dropped in March, were sold at $190 and have an average resale price upwards of $1,700.

Now, in yet another collaboration with Nike, Virgil Abloh is producing his version of the Converse Chuck Taylors. This sneaker is one of “The Ten,” a Nike collaboration with Virgil Abloh which features ten of Nike’s iconic shoes from the past and present. Set to release on May 10th, these shoes have a translucent upper and a printed midsole with the word “VULCANIZED,” in true Off-White form. These shoes are expected to be priced at $160, although the resale value will likely be ten times that amount.

Around a hype like this, there are always critics. Many feel as though Virgil is stretching himself too thin in order to make the most profit. The creative artist received negative backlash after signing with Louis Vuitton, including from industry professionals. Karl Lagerfeld himself was even quoted by French magazine Numéro, when asked which designer, between Virgil Abloh, Jacquemus, and Jonathan Anderson, he would prefer to be stranded on a desert island with. He responded: “I’d kill myself first.” A critique like this could be more based on Virgil’s character than brand, but the disrespect he has garnered from major designers is still prevalent. Many feel as though he is more of an artist than a creative director, and therefore Louis Vuitton is only trying to make their brand more relevant because of the hype around him.  

The days of going to the neighborhood shoe store and buying the latest fashion are long gone. The exclusivity of sneakers has made them more of an investment and less accessible. As it is, you must be willing to wait in line for countless hours for just a shoe. Although Virgil may have some haters, his brand is always developing and his products are still major releases that sell out within seconds.

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Converse x Virgil Abloh is the Collaboration You Need to See: Featured Image Credit: Converse