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We are dancing with spring fever here at Cliché as we prepare for our long awaited time away (a.k.a spring break!). One item we’re ecstatic to add to our wardrobe accessories is a travel must-have: sunglasses, specifically Woodzee sunglasses. Woodzee, a business equally committed to providing quality products priced for everyone to enjoy while promoting a healthier relationship between humankind and nature, is a company we love and proudly support. Join the movement of 2016 for a cleaner, brighter, and healthier planet by creating your best memories this spring break by rocking Woodzee’s wood details and of course being the fashionista you are by setting the mark for what’s trending across social media platforms.
Woodzee’s collection of sunglasses consists of beautifully-constructed pieces created from natural and renewable resources. Founded in June 2011 in the City of Trees in Chico, California, Woodzee began a business centered on eco-packaging, which constructs their packages in a triangular shape to minimize the amount of paper and maximizes the strength of the package. You can also recycle their products, which allows you to change your style and retire items as little or often as you’d like by sending them back (Hint, hint: If you recycle their products, Woodzee provides 40% off your next product and 10% off your first purchase. How sweet is that?)  To shop Woodzee’s page, check out their various selections starting with everything from new items, to men and women’s sunglasses, to specific styles and prescription eyewear, to wooden accessories, and new products on sale.
Woodzee February 2015
Some of our favorites products include the Olivia Pear Wood White Dip Sunglasses, retailing for $100. These shades give a feminine touch with the classic oblong cat-eye and on-trend industrial wood accent. There’s no question this piece will be a definite conversation starter no matter where you’re headed on spring break.
Woodzee February 2015 (2)
Meanwhile, these stunners – Cara White Walnut Wood Sunglasses, retailing for $100 – go with just about anything while incorporating those modern edges straight off the runway.
Featured Image (2)
Lastly, these  Palm Black Bamboo shades are sure to create jealousy amongst your lady friends. These sunglasses retail for $120 and are perfect for those days you can’t decide between your minimal, cool Ray Bans or laid-back, chill Aviators; why choose when you can have both?
For more wood-erful pictures and updates, check out Woodzee’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr, and feel free to reach out to them with comments, questions, or even an awesome story. Trust us, you’d make their day.
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Trend Alert: Wood Details: Photos Courtesy of Woodzee

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