The Oversized Clothing Trend

All along the street, even in the summertime, people can’t seem to get enough of baggy and oversized clothes. The epitome of casual and chic, baggy clothes, especially baggy tops, are all the rage no matter what time of year it is.

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Popular Ways to Style Oversized Clothes

One of the most common ways to wear oversized clothes in order to have a casual aesthetic, is to pair one loose-fitting article of clothing with one more fitted piece. This manifests itself in the oversized sweater and athletic-legging trend that populates college campuses all across America. A more inventive way to practice this look is to invest in bohemian pants, high waisted jeans, or another type of loose-fitting pant and pair it with a fitted top and a jacket for the same casually-cool aesthetic in the wintertime without being so typical.

oversized clothing trends

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Some people, though, love this new trend so much that they just make their whole daily look with pieces of clothing that are oversized. Especially popular since the launch of the Yeezy clothing line, a winter look for this might involve an extra large sweatshirt as well as a pair of tight, high waisted denim, staying put-together only with the addition of a stylish belt. A lot of hip-hop artists, rappers, and some celebrities during normal, day-to-day life use this look as a means to live as comfortably as possible without being off-trend, either.

Why People Choose the Oversized Look

Clearly, people select oversized pieces for their wardrobes, for the most part, because it is comfortable but still ultra high fashion. Even on a summer day, people like to be able to wrap themselves up sometimes in a baggy sweatshirt at home, and it is just as cute as a tank top and shorts. Celebrities use it as a way to cover their bodies. If a star goes outside even a bit bloated, it will cause embarrassing pregnancy rumors.

oversized clothing

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American culture has moved away from stuffy, fitted, corporate attire and, economically speaking, has supported small businesses from home where the atmosphere is different. With this, a cultural shift of comfort has swept the covers of fashion magazines as well.

The oversized look is trendy because people can use it to hide their insecurities. Rather than always having to wear skinny jeans or leggings, people can still be cute and on-trend.

Likewise, people have also learned how to use the oversized aesthetic in order to accent their best features. Bohemian pants, for example, tend to fit the hips and butt better than some jeans would, and then flow down the legs to make the legs look longer. For someone who wants to show off her butt, this look is absolutely perfect.

Celebrities that Have Rocked Oversized Clothing

With names like Kanye West, Jessica Simpson, Snoop Dogg, and Ariana Grande each creating their own fashion lines and partnering with designers that feature oversized clothing, choosing an oversized look is choosing to be in good company.

Artists have even gone so far as to feature the looks not just on their Instagram and other social media accounts, but on album covers and in interviews. No one is immune to the oversized fashion wave because it is just so trendy and comfortable.

The overisized clothing trend is a cute, comfortable, new wave of fashion that is not going anywhere any time soon. With endless styling options from casual comfy to ultra chic, this fashion trend will be here for a while.

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