An Autobiography of a Mask

An Autobiography of a Mask

Ishi Srivastava, a fashion designer, artist and a styling lecturer at Pearl Academy, one of the leading fashion and design colleges in India. She based in Mumbai and has been exploring portraits and expressions through fashion. Her fashion brand- World of Ishi narrates stories combining fashion with art. The brand explores zero waste drapes, hand embroideries depicting different emotions.

Her photo series created during quarantine titled – The Mask Series, created during the last month in quarantine. The Mask series captures the identity crisis that the world is going through, the mask bring our protector but at the cost of our identities. A believer in surrealist philosophy, this might be one of the most surreal times in fashion has seen. The application of emotional intelligence in fashion might be the next big thing. These portraits capture the surreal emotions of feeling lost, blank and losing our identity that fashion saves with the mask becoming the most popular accessory.  Depicting emotions in a very honest and pure way, the mask series is an artistic expression during the pandemic.

The future demands fashion and art to provoke thinking and expression probably changing the way we looked at them. The Mask stands for protection but also stands for our identity loss. It brings forward a big question, who are we behind these masks?

Image credits: Concept, model, photography & editing : Ishi Srivastava , @ishisrivasatava and

Rahul Kizhakke Veettil @darkknitestudios
All the images have been created during the quarantine days in isolation since the lock down began in India around end of March.
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