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The Best Gifts For Shoe Lovers

best gifts for shoe lovers

Today we want to share with you the best gifts for shoe lovers. When looking for the perfect gift for the shoe lover in your life, it can easily become overwhelming, especially if you aren’t a big shoe enthusiast yourself. . 

You may walk into a shoe store but feel lost, wondering where to begin your search for the best gift to give. You may look at the sneakers, socks or shoe accessories but have no idea what is actually practical that a shoe lover can utilize in their everyday life. 

There are so many options available when considering the gifts you could buy, but we have narrowed our list to contain the most unique, useful, or practical gift ideas for a shoe lover. 

If you have someone in your life who is a shoelover or sneakerhead, use this list to help you find the perfect gift for them. 

A New Pair Of Shoes

The perfect gift for a shoe lover is a new pair of shoes, obviously.  If you know their style and what will fit into their collection, find a new pair that will be a unique addition to what they already own. Pay attention to new releases, popular brands, and what’s trending to see what will be the best addition to their current collection. 

Gift Idea #1: Classic Sneakers 

best gifts for shoe lovers

Photo by Melvin Buezo on Pexels

Classic sneakers are always a good option when looking for a new pair of shoes to buy a shoe lover since you can never go wrong with a classic pair. There are a few brands and styles that fit into this category, so we have selected a list of popular classic sneakers to check out before settling on a gift for the shoe lover in your life. 

  • Vans Authentic 
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 
  • Reebok Club C 85 

Gift Idea #2: Retro Sneakers  

If retro sneakers seem more up to par with your shoe lover’s interests, then you may look into finding a new pair that they can add to their closet. Retro sneakers are timeless, popular, and trending in the sneaker world, making them a valuable addition to any collection. 

We have created a list of the most popular retro sneakers available, that are currently popular among shoe lovers, to help get you started on your search for the perfect pair. 

Use these ideas to get you started on your gift search, to find a unique, trendy, and popular gift to give the shoe lover in your life. 

Shoe Storage or Display 

best gifts for shoe lovers

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels

If the shoe lover you’re shopping for seems to have a ton of shoes in their collection, but nowhere to store them or put them on display, then give them the gift of storage and organization. 

There are a lot of different storage options available, but to find the right fit for the person in your life, take into consideration the space they need, the number of shoes that will be stored, and the best look for the overall aesthetic of the display. 

Gift Idea #3: Shoe Rack 

If the shoe lover you know and love can use a place to organize their shoes, in their closet or their bedroom, then you may want to look at the different shoe racks that you could gift them. 

A shoe rack will be versatile, giving them a place to store their shoes while helping to save space simultaneously. This is a great gift option, especially if you aren’t much of a shoe person yourself and aren’t sure what to look for in your average shoe store. 

Gift Idea #4: Shelving Unit 

For a trendier, display option, a shelving unit is a great gift to give a shoe lover this year. 

When a shoe lover has a huge collection of shoes, some of which they never even wear, a shelving unit for storage and display is one of the best gifts you could give. The shelving unit will be a versatile space, giving a true shoe lover the proper place to put their favorite pairs on display, to show them off like the work of art they are. 

This is perfect for anyone with a passion for shoes, who loves to keep them displayed and show off the collection they have accumulated over time. 

Shoe Accessories 

best gifts for shoe lovers

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels

If you are looking for a smaller gift for the shoe lover in your life, then you may want to check out some shoe accessories that can be useful to them every day. 

There are so many different options available on the market for you to choose from, allowing you to give the best gift possible. Make sure you know the style of the shoe lover your shopping for, have a good idea of the shoes in their collection, and an understanding of what types of accessories may be the most valuable to them. 

To get you started, we have curated a list of some of the most trendy, useful, or practical accessories that will make the perfect gift for any shoe lover. 

Gift Idea #5: Shoe Laces 

A simple and easy gift idea is to buy new laces for your shoe lover. Laces can be handy for many reasons and it is always valuable to keep an extra pair. You can buy neutrals like white or black or a pack with colored laces, to add some pizazz to their collection. 

If you know what this person likes and the color range of their shoes, then you can find the perfect pack of laces to gift them. 

When finding a gift for a shoe lover, you can never go wrong when buying them socks. 

Socks make a great gift. They are useful and practical, making for an easy gift to give someone when you may not be sure what exactly to give them. Socks come in many different styles, colors, and patterns, giving you the chance to find the perfect pair.

Gift Idea #7: Shoe Cleaning Supplies 

When looking for shoe accessories to gift the shoe lover in your life, take a look at cleaning supplies for a practical gift idea. 

Most people who value their shoes will take extra steps to make sure they are clean and in good condition, even after wearing them. If you know a show lover, they probably put time and effort into the appearance of their shoe collection. With this being said, it is clear that any shoe lover can benefit from receiving cleaning supplies as a gift. 

Here are some ideas to get you started on your search for shoe cleaning supplies: 

  • Cleaning Kit 
  • Shoe Wipes 
  • Repel Spray 

Gift Idea #8: Travel Shoe Bag 

For anyone that loves to travel and collect shoes, a shoe travel bag or box can be a useful, practical, and typically unthought-of gift for any shoe lover in your life. 

This is perfect for anyone who travels and can utilize a bag to specifically carry their shoes. It can also be helpful if they are packing to move, need to bring an extra pair of shoes somewhere or if they want to keep a pair of shoes in mint condition. This gift is versatile but practical and useful in many different ways. 

Picking Out the Perfect Gift for a Shoe Lover 

To find the perfect gift for the shoe lover in your life, take into consideration their style, their current shoe collection, and what gifts will be helpful or practical in their everyday life. 

Even if you don’t know much about shoes, there is always something you can find that will be unique to their collection or useful for their sneaker upkeep. Maybe you want to buy them a new pair of shoes they’ve been eyeing, some socks to match their collection, or cleaning supplies to keep their shoes in tip-top shape. Regardless of what you choose to buy, you will make a shoe lover very happy when they open their gift from you. 

They always say “it’s the thought that counts”, but sometimes you need a little guidance to begin your gift search. With our gift guide for shoe lovers, we can help you find valuable, practical, and unique gift ideas for that special person in your life. 

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