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Top 7 Perfect Celebrity Instagram Pages


Today we want to share the top 7 perfect celebrity Instagram pages. The power of Internet platforms and social media offers incredible opportunities for fame, money at platforms like Casino Chan, and success. That’s why even celebrities have their own accounts and try making them perfect for the followers. Not all stars can boast of a harmoniously active Instagram page. But there are those who put quite a lot of effort into promoting their profile. Here are 7 stars with the best Instagram profiles.

Gigi Hadid

The American supermodel posts bright and juicy photos with her fashion images and trendy makeup on her profile. This allows her to attract to the page enthusiastic young people who are interested in everything fashionable and fresh.

At the same time, staged and studio pictures are diluted with photos from everyday life. It makes Gigi closer and more understandable, more attractive to subscribers. The header and icons of the profile are made in one style.

Jennifer Lopez

Lo’s Instagram profile is all about harmony and poise. Calm shades of photos, neat color correction, competent alternation of images reflecting different aspects of the life of the singer and actress. Everything is well-thought-out to the last detail. The main picture, highlights, and photos in the feed are all in the same style.


Photos on Rihanna’s Instagram page are color-corrected. So the feed looks harmonious even though the pictures show different aspects of the star’s life. In the profile, there is no abundance of portraits and studio photos. Besides, images of body parts, full-length, or close-up shots are used.

Everything comes together, like a mosaic, in a single composition. In fact, it is quite difficult to combine such diverse images into a common picture, but in Rihanna’s Instagram it is done masterfully.

Kendall Jenner

Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowKendall’s profile is designed concisely, in a minimalist style. The photos are not just about capturing life’s moments and beautiful places. Photos with an idea, a beautiful posing are appealing, make you look at them over and over again. The design of the stories is diluted with cute, interesting icons, but this does not spoil the style and brevity of the profile but emphasizes them.

Elsa Hosk

The star’s account is characterized by a competent arrangement of colors. The overall gamut is pastel, dominated by beige, brown, muted green shades. Inclusions of bright colors (bright pink, lettuce, red, yellow, blue) make the page attractive, fresh, interesting.

There are few juicy shades, and they only emphasize the style of the profile. Elsa’s account is appealing with thoughtful photo ideas, quality processing, and trendy looks. There is not a single random photo. Everything is aligned and harmonious.

Ashley Graham

The whole profile is permeated with the idea of body positivity, and it is aired in every way possible. This is a proper move that appeals to the target audience and increases their loyalty. The photos also reflect Ashley’s fun and playful personality, which makes her appealing and approachable to her subscribers. The design is minimalist, processing the photos in calm tones and a unified color scheme.

Taylor Swift

Taylor posted her first photo on Instagram in 2012. So she can be called a “veteran” of this social network. Distinctive features of the singer’s page are the sincerity of the posts and atmospheric photos. There is no general color scheme of pictures. But the images are arranged in such a way that different shades harmoniously intertwine with each other. Regular square photos are diluted with storyboards for several posts, as well as black and white shots and sepia.

This approach makes Taylor’s profile memorable and unusual. It matches the personality of the celebrity and emphasizes her style.

As you understand from these examples, if you are a creative person, your Instagram profile should reflect your personality. This increases your reach and popularity. Explore, study stylish accounts, develop a mindset and use the tricks in your own profile. Proper management of your Instagram page will help promote your products, services, or personal brand.

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