Summer Workwear

The summer temperature is sweltering and while spending each day in a bikini seems like the perfect way to combat the heat wave, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to coincide with the office dress code. At Cliché we know the importance of keeping cool and looking summer ready while keeping up your professionalism at work. Check out our guide for summer workwear.

A shift dress is one of my absolute favorites for looking effortlessly chic in the summer. With minimal effect you instantly look polished, put together, and ready to take on the day. Let’s not forget to mention how cool you’ll feel in one of these. This Vince Camuto shift dress adds a visual interest with a graphic print.

Cropped pants are a fun twist on business casual. Unlike traditional cut pants, cropped pants are suitable for work and for staying fresh in the heat. These pants paired with a short sleeve blouse are bound to keep you cool under pressure at work and under the intense sun rays. Opt for a pant in a print for a bold approach like the gingham print or a favorite work print, houndstooth.

Wrap dresses are sure to help you beat the heat. The fluidity of a wrap dress is perfect for catching a rare breeze and a sleeveless version of this wardrobe staple will definitely help you cool down. Choosing a wrap dress in a bright color or pattern will epitomize summer and have you on your summer game.

Images courtesy of Nordstrom and Loft

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