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Puggy Live Concert @ Brussels Summer Festival BSF-5496; Photo by ©Kmeron

For all of you music festival lovers out there, join me in welcoming festival season. Hot summer days filled with funky tunes and fresh squeezed lemonade—something we all look forward to in the frigid months of winter. Well, we have arrived, bought our tickets and can’t wait to get out there and feel the beat.
But before we pack our bottles of sunscreen, ponchos and protein bars, let’s make some room in our suitcases for the summer music festival apparel that is sure to keep you cool, cute and confident at your next festival.
1. Comfortable shoes are key
First off, depending on the terrain and whether your festival is set on concrete, sand or grass, you want to be sure your feet are secure and ready to stand for hours on end. Always choose a cute pair of closed-toed shoes, and try to avoid buying new ones specifically for the occasion. You want the sneakers you’ve worn in—and not the new blisters. I suggest Steve Madden Troppa women’s boots. Pair them with jeans, or your favorite sun dress. You’ll rock the suburban cowgirl look, and you’re feet will thank you later!

Steve Madden Troppa Brown Leather Women’s Boots – $99.95,

2. Layer, layer, layer!
Secondly, be over prepared with your options. If your festival runs from 12pm to 12am, you’re going to face sun, clouds, possibly rain, and a cool evening. Start with a fun-colored bandeaux, slap on a flowy tank, and finish layering with a flannel or light cardigan that you can strip off easily. I suggest something like this:


Draped Pocket Kimono Cardigan – $22.80,

3. Accessorize Galore
Finally, my favorite part of the festival style is the creative license people take with their accessories. From flower head bands, to ripped stockings, to straw fedoras and oversized sunglasses – it is fashion heaven. Remember to pack extra bracelets, big earrings and, most of all, have fun with it!


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Keep these items in your suitcase paired with your personal fashion flair, and you can be sure to effortlessly enjoy your next festival event! Have more ideas? All you music-festival-veterans out there, let us know what you think — tweet @clichemag!
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