Laura Laine’s Iconic Bags Postcard Book

Laura Laine, one of the fashion world’s top illustrators, teamed up with Fashionary, a company that created the first sketchbook dedicated to fashion, to bring us the Iconic Bags Postcard Book. This collection of postcards displays 16 of the most iconic bags the fashion industry has ever seen.


Ranging from Fendi to Dior, Laine’s postcard book offers a variety of the most popular brands that are sure to appeal to any fashionista. In a book comprised of beautiful sketches as well as backstories about each bag, Laine has captured the very essence of what makes these accessories so stylish.

“I wanted to create a story for each image that would be inspired by the look and feeling of each bag,” Laine says. “I wanted the girls to have a strong interaction with the bags and not just embellish them, but rather the illustrations play with the unique characteristics of each bag.”

She uses her illustrations to create connections and reinforce that there are real-life stories behind the naming of each bag. To Laine, the most important aspect of sketching is “doing justice to each bag design while making the illustrations work smoothly as a series.”

Laine has always been inspired by the fashion industry. It’s a creative outlet for her and her work, especially when it comes to the Iconic Bags Postcard Book. “Fashion for my work is both an endless supply of ideas, as well as a challenge to existing ideas,” Laine says. “It’s always been a huge inspiration for me.” Most importantly, the world of fashion allows Laine to make ties between fantasy and reality so that she can experience both. Her favorite element of the fashion industry is that “it’s not total fantasy, but the element of fashion usually ties it, to some extent, to the real world,” she says.

The characters and scenes she uses are often real people or places she encounters, which helps her illustrations come alive. “Many times I might not be so conscious about being inspired by something until I see it in my finished work,” Laine says. For her designs to grow from rough sketches on paper to intricate, unique illustrations, Laine pulls her inspiration from a variety of places. Fashion is a major contributor in this innovative thinking, but it is not her only muse. If ever in need, Laine turns to people, places, and other works of art, but inspiration often comes to her, rather than being something she is constantly searching for.

Thus far, she has worked with several top clients, such as Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, and Marie Claire. She has also showcased her illustrations in many major cities, including New York, London, and Los Angeles.

The Iconic Bags Postcard Book is now available for purchase at, online, and in select stores for only $12.90. This postcard book is one of this season’s hottest items, a worthwhile purchase for anyone interested in high-end fashion.

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