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Ideas for Stylish Beachwear for Every Seaside Occasion

Stylish Beachwear

There is no single definition of a beach day. It may be taking a new board out for a spin, or even doing some yoga along the coast. According to studies, spending time at the beach can reduce anxiety and nervous system arousal which are what make you feel anxious and stressed. While beach days can be blissful, no matter what your agenda is, it’s sometimes difficult to find a fashionable outfit that will work for all beach activities.

A beach outfit doesn’t have to be complicated. However, the examples below can be used for any kind of beach outing. You can think of trendy swimwear brands that you love, fun accessories, and breezy dresses for when the sun goes down. Browse our beach outfit inspirations before you set off on your summertime plans.

Keep it Colorful

We felt like we lived in a world without color or joy because of the pandemic. But we are almost over it now so it’s time for beachwear to be rediscovered in vibrant colors. Bold hues such as rich tangerine and magenta are on the style experts’ mood board this year for beach outfits. This color adds a touch of razzle-dazzle and style to your life. If you feel really adventurous, consider an all-neon look. A colorful beach wrap dress will provide the pretty summer vibe you’re looking for while keeping you comfortable all day long.

Channel a ’90s Vibe

You might be wrong if you believed all things ’90s fashion were exclusive to fall outfits. You can channel the alternative era by wearing short overalls under your bikini or denim shorts. To make your outfit more modern and protect you from the harsh sun rays, add a straw Panama cap. Gwen Stefani popularized sarongs in the 1990s and they quickly became a must-have vacation item. This fabric is most commonly worn over naked legs as a skirt. It can also be tied around your waist to cover your legs or worn over your shoulders to provide additional sun protection.

Stylish Beachwear

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Be a part of the linen everything trend

Summer is all about linen looks. This is because linen is both comfortable and stylish. Linen dresses, pants, button-ups, and skirts are great options for creating a beach outfit. This is the ultimate summer treat. It’s lightweight and beach-ready and will keep you safe from the sun’s rays. If you are the type of beach-goer who enjoys spending time at the beach, such as lounging, swimming, or playing volleyball, you can wear a simple outfit consisting of a swimsuit, linen coverup, sun hat, and sandals.

Accessories are important

Sunscreen is not the only way to protect yourself from the sun. Accessories can also help. You should also pack a large, but probably charmingly floppy, hat, sunglasses, and either a long, or short-sleeved shirt. Don’t forget to pack a sweater for those chilly evenings and extra heat when you aren’t in the water. Handkerchiefs and bandanas are in fashion, and beachgoers can’t resist the throwback accessory from the 1950s, especially when paired with beach clothes. You can wear bandanas in your hair, or make a chic top out of them with a pair of denim shorts.

Get sporty

Wear an activewear skort over your bathing suit if you plan on spending a day at the beach doing a run or a game of paddleball, or any other activity. A sand-resistant or SPF-protected garment is the best option. Performance wear can be anti-odorous and moisture-wicking, which makes it ideal for hot days. Even your favorite beach look can be worn while still looking cool and casual. Pair a swimsuit with a bold print or a brightly colored swimsuit with something more casual, like a button-down or jeans. This combination will make you look stylish and casual, which will be a big hit at the beach.

Get dressed up for dinnerStylish Beachwear

While you don’t need to be dressed up for dinner on the boardwalk you can still look stylish. A flowy top or jeans with a flowing top will do the trick. For maximum comfort, add a light layer to keep you from getting too cold, such as a cardigan or denim jacket.


It doesn’t matter if you live near a beach or plan to travel to a tropical destination, it is important to have a complete stock of fashionable beach clothes. It’s tempting to dress up in your most casual items when you want to soak in the sun or have a beachside picnic. We’ve put together the chicest beach-ready outfits for those who want to be more casual.

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