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Fleurie Launches Into Another Stratosphere with Her New Single “Constellate”

When it comes to musical evolution, Fleurie is always reaching for the stars. The Nashville-based singer/songwriter is constantly drawing inspiration from her environment and experiences. Her new single “Constellate,” a dreamy testament to the spiritually healing power of true love, was crafted by animator Trea Baily, who spent a year bringing the song to life. “Constellate” celebrates a definitive new chapter in Fleurie’s career as her signature sound shifts from moody to optimistic, a reflection of her desire to create music that lifts the human spirit. 

Cliché: You’re based in Nashville. You get a lot of inspiration from the music scene there?

Fleurie: Yes I am! I love Nashville. You know, even though I’m surrounded by so many incredible artists of all mediums, especially musicians and writers and performers, I’m most inspired by story. When I read a book I can’t put down, or see a movie that changes my whole perspective on something or keeps me thinking late into the night, I feel inspired to write about it. I think of myself as an artist who soundtracks moments, whether they are real life moments for real people or moments experienced by characters in a TV show or movie storyline.

Talk about your new single, “Constellate.”

I was so excited to share this song with the world!! It is definitely the introduction to a new era of Fleurie…a new sound. I wrote it about a season in my life where True Love healed me in a really emotional and spiritual way, and allowed me to believe and hope and dream again. I truly believe in the power of Love to heal all human hearts and empower us to live fully alive and thriving!

“Constellate” is much more upbeat and optimistic compared to your other melancholic songs like “Hurricane,” “Breathe,” and “Hurts Like Hell.” What prompted the shift in tone? Did you enjoy flexing a different emotional range while performing?

Yeah it is! It actually started with me wanting to write an album that I’d love touring. After touring with NF in 2016, playing my moodier ballads/dark cinematic stuff, I found myself wanting…wanting to be able to sing songs the crowd could sing with me and wanting to sing songs of hope and light that lifted human spirits. I still believe there is a great need for songs about pain, grief, questioning, fear, doubt, etc. – I just wanted to include other emotions (and other sonic aesthetics) in my repertoire!

What was behind the choice to make the music video animated? That’s a unique format that you don’t see much.

Cool story actually – my friend Trea Bailey, the brilliant animator behind that video, heard “Constellate” a week or so after we wrote it and asked me if he could animate a video for it. I had no idea how it would turn out! About 6 months into his animation process (which would ultimately take almost a year to complete), he showed me some finished sections of the video and I was floored. It was then that I decided that would be the official music video! I am seriously SO unbelievably grateful for that serendipitous collision of art worlds and friendship!!

How do you hope your fans feel while listening to “Constellate”?

I hope they feel inspired, and I hope they feel a little bit lighter…like they are able to lay down anything weighing on their minds, and let down their walls and just receive Love.

Many of your songs have been featured on TV and movies. Does that ever put added pressure on to your creative process? How do you ensure that your music translates to screen?

Oh man, it definitely doesn’t add pressure – it makes the writing and creating process so much easier actually! The more creative boundaries and artistic direction I have for something, the more I feel capable of creating something truly great. It was much harder to begin chipping away at this new record, asking myself what I wanted to write about – what did I want to SAY and HOW did I want to say it, sonically and musically! With TV and movies I have the honor and pleasure of serving someone else’s vision. With my own record, I am the visionary and architect AND artistic medium, in a sense.

Is there a particular TV show you’d like to see your music featured in?

Hmm…I’ve been trying to write some stuff for Riverdale! We are also working on some Game of Thrones stuff that’s sounding super cool. I don’t actually watch that much TV, to be honest…oops. Haha!

What is it like to work with NF and Ruelle? What have you learned from them?

It is really just like hanging out with really close friends, talking about life and often times deep stuff…stuff you put into songs because you don’t know how to say it in conversation. Writing with and for any artist is an art of reading between the lines of what they’re saying. People shout with their body language. They scream their heartache through topics they circle back to cyclically. You have to pay attention and have a desire to serve and give through your gifts. NF and Ruelle are both really close friends of mine so creating with them was vulnerable for both of us, yet not pressurized or intimidating. Honestly, each of them has taught me to value the power of personal story…they hold closely their own journeys and they want to express them in songs and cover art and melody. Ruelle really values putting in the time to get melody and lyric just right, just perfect. She is never rushed to finished; she loves to savor her life and her work. NF is a businessman as well as an incredible visionary. He knows the 360 experience he wants to give his fans and he is committed to seeing that through, whatever it takes. I admire them both so much!

Is there anyone else you would like to collaborate with?

Oh of course! My ultimate dream collab of all time would be Coldplay, or even just Chris Martin. I’d love to collab with Leon Bridges or Gallant. Also Imogen Heap!

Give us a taste of what we can expect from your upcoming album, Portals.

Mmm…I’m so excited for you to hear this! It is more alt-pop than anything I’ve done in recent years. I’ve brought guitars back, both acoustic and electric. It is dreamy, ethereal, raw, lush at times, sparse at times, and hopefully expectant. It’s a record for late night drives with your best friend. Roadtrip to space music. 🙂


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Fleurie Launches Into Another Stratosphere with Her New Single “Constellate”. Photo Credit: Austin Lord.

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