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Calling all cow Girls: Western or English Horse Riding Boots?

Let’s ask a quick question.  As a horse rider do you prefer Western or English horse riding boots?  Horse riding boots are the most important part of the riding kit. Experienced riders spend a good amount of time choosing a sturdy pair of riding boots. There is nothing worse than choosing a tight and uncomfortable pair of boots.  Unfortunately many  first-time buyers make the mistake of buying the wrong pair of boots. There are those who buy sub-standard quality boots just for the sake of saving money. Buying a poor-quality pair of horse riding boots can turn out to be quite an expensive affair in the long run. A pair of bad-quality boots are most likely to undergo wear and tear. Under such circumstances, you’ll have to buy a new pair after a few months.

Western or English horse riding boots

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What not to wear while riding

There are different types of riding boots that you can choose from. These boots come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Choosing a riding boot happens to be a matter of personal choice, but there are a few things that need to be kept in mind.  First, keep in mind that the boot you choose needs to have small tread along with a heel of 1 inch to 1 and a half. This will prevent the boot from slipping through the stirrup. However, such boots can come in handy while working in the stable.

Western Boot Styles

Usually Western boots come with heels that are slightly higher than English boots. Many of the Western-style boots come with crepe soles. These will not slide out of the stirrup easily.  Some riders prefer ankle-height boots as these tend to be far more comfortable than conventional boots. Western boots are preferred as these provide the rider with good amount of protection and stability.

As stated earlier, going for a cheap pair of riding boots isn’t a good idea but if you happen to be looking for an additional pair of riding boots, then get in touch with a reliable equestrian clearance warehouse.  Here, you will find riding boots at discounted prices. The motive is to buy riding boots that last.

A handy tip: The moment you hit the market, you will come across countless pairs of inexpensive riding boots made using vinyl. These boots are less comfortable and likely to wear out faster than a sturdy pair of conventional leather boots. If you happen to be searching for a pair of riding boots, then equestrian clearance sales in the UK offer you ample opportunities to find a pair or two of sturdy riding boots.

English Boot Styles

English-style boots, much like their Western counterparts,  come in a wide variety of styles and designs, and sizes. You can choose a pair of classic dress boots. These are tall black boots that were worn by hunters in the 1950s. Even to this day, such boots form an integral part of a rider’s horse riding attire.  Many of the riders believe that these boots are extremely comfortable and heavy-duty, whereas others find them too cumbersome and hot.

Jodphur boots are English-style boots that go up to the ankle. Such boots are worn by children in show rings. These boots come with straps that go around the calf in order to prevent the boots from bunching up the legs. Many of the new-age riders opt for boots having zippered closures. Zippered closure makes it easier for the rider to take off and wear the boots.

Make it a point to buy equestrian boots from a reliable vendor. Buying poor-quality boots can backfire big time.  Don’t go for the most expensive option. Choose a pair that is tough enough to go the distance.

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