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Alyssa Freitas

December means the start of our Winter session for our Style Column! Get ready for style and beauty inspiration all made for this cold weather season. Our featured bloggers will have your skin looking radiant, your makeup on point, and your clothes stylish and snugged with their helpful tips. Kicking off the start to these snowy days is blogger Alyssa Freitas from her blog on Blogspot. She’s a nineteen-year-old student with an exuberant personality that shines through her blog writing. Her posts feature the equal excitement in her life from her experiences and the incredible, helpful tips she shares with readers. Read on to see why we think she is a blogger’s delight in this debut of our Winter session Style Column.


Cliché: What are you top beauty/fashion routines?
Alyssa Freitas: Over the years, I have learned that simple works best for me for both fashion and beauty. Fashion wise, the most important part of my routine is asking myself, “If someone else was wearing this, would I compliment them?” If the answer is yes, then I go with it. If not, I ask myself how I can make it better. For beauty, I don’t do too much. Moisturizer, foundation, cream blush, mascara, some concealer, lipstick, and I’m ready to go.

Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
This season, I am all about lipstick to brighten up dreary winter days. My particular favorite is Wine with Everything by Revlon because of the creamy texture and affordable price. I also find it very important to use moisturizer to protect my skin from the effects of the cold. I use Olay’s Complete Daily Defense with SPF because the sun does shine even in the winter after all! I love the rosy cheeks you get from being out during the winter, so to have that look even when inside I use cream blush. As it turns out, my favorite cream blush has been discontinued, so I’m on the lookout for a replacement.

Any staple items that you think are winter must-haves? 
Winter must-haves are a plaid scarf, a wool coat, and if you’re feeling French, a beret. A plaid scarf can be sleek in the city, cozy in the country, and perfect just about anytime. Many fashion bloggers have been sporting blanket scarfs, but I am a little more traditional and will stick to my standard, non-fringed scarf. A wool coat can be simultaneously functional and fashionable. Unless there is a major blizzard you won’t catch me in a ski jacket; it’s all about wool. Whether you go for a pea coat, toggle coat (my personal favorite), or any other, you’ll be sure to look chic. Lastly, I LOVE to wear a beret in the winter, but I know it is not a look that everyone is willing to try. If you’re a hat person, I definitely recommend a beret.

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