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Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Hailey Andresen

We’re happy to introduce you to our third mom blogger in our Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Hailey Andresen of the blog Household Mag. Feel free to read our two incredible mom bloggers that we have featured prior to this, and be sure to show them some love.

Hailey is mother of a baby boy named, Owen, and a fur baby as well, named Jack. She’s also a wife, foodie, and interior design lover residing in Brooklyn, NY. Take a peek into Hailey’s seriously sweet and loving life through her delightful blog, Instagram page @householdmagny and our interview with this gem down below.
Cliché: What inspires you to create content on Household Mag?
Hailey Andresen: Household Mag is an extension of our daily life here in Brooklyn. I try to cover most aspects of our life whether that’s recipes we enjoy as a family, our favorite neighborhoods and businesses, fashion lines we love, housewares we couldn’t live without, or more personal aspects like parenting and Owen’s life.
How do you manage to maintain your social network while being a mom? Any tips?
Keeping up with blogging can be quite time consuming with a baby. I do my best to utilize nap times, try to wake up an hour before Owen, and my husband and I try to work creatively for an hour a night during the week. Weekends are also great for productivity when Zack is home to hang with Owen, but ultimately weekends equal family time and I try to avoid too much work. It’s really just a matter of making the best use of your time.
Being that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, how do you celebrate the holiday?
I’m not sure what we will do exactly; kinda leaving it up to Zack! My guess is that we will eat a delicious meal at a local restaurant or one Zack makes at home, and just soak up as much family time as possible. My only plan is to be with Zack and Owen! That’s all that matters to me.
What’s a day in your life like?
Monday through Thursday I run a vintage shop in Williamsburg. Our hours are noon to 7:30 so most mornings are spent at home with just Owen and I. I drink coffee, slowly get ready for the day, sometimes bake, play with Owen, work on the blog if time permits, and just relax. It’s the best way to start the day in my opinion. Around 11am we both head to the shop. Owen normally naps on the train and we continue to play at the shop while greeting and helping customers throughout the day. We head home from here after the shop closes and meet Zack at home. He typically cooks dinner while I’m putting Owen to sleep. Then it’s time for Zack and I to eat, do a little computer work, watch a little TV, and just spend time together before waking up and doing it all over again. Fridays I’m off and I’ll typically shoot with Amy at some point (Household‘s photographer), hang out with friends, get errands done, and just do your typical day off activities. Weekends, it’s family time and there’s no real schedule!
How would you describe your personal style (including your kiddo’s style too)?
We are all guilty of lots of neutral colors, denim, and comfy clothes. While I love dressing up from time to time, life doesn’t always allow for this and I tend to lean more towards comfort. Since I work at a vintage shop naturally vintage pieces work their way into our wardrobe, but we like to keep in balanced with new pieces too.
When it came to dressing pre-baby and post-baby how was the transition? Did your style change drastically?
There was a bit of a transition since Owen was born in September. The end of my pregnancy I spent mostly in dresses and skirts that accommodated my large and growing belly, and then as soon as he was born fall seemed to arrive and it was looser sweaters and leggings as my body worked its way back to normal. I was lucky enough to be able to lean on these sorts of styles so that I didn’t have to waste too much money on maternity clothing that I would likely never wear again. That being said, I think I was able to maintain my sense of style through pregnancy. I didn’t change my taste too much, just wore more of one thing or another in order to keep myself covered.
Scenario time! After a long day with the kiddo, it’s time for date night. What is your go-to date night look as a momma?
Honestly, it’s hard for us to get out for a date. We don’t have any family in the area, and really just one friend who babysits so we use her sparingly. We typically make or order in dinner, open a bottle of wine, and watch a movie. Nothing fancy, but it’s pretty perfect in our eyes. When we have a sitter, our goal is pretty simple: eat delicious food and drink delicious drinks. We always like to go somewhere new!
Do you have a beauty routine? If so, what are your favorite skincare or makeup products?
I am pretty low key when it comes to a beauty routine. I try to wash my hair in the evening so that it can air dry, leaving my only job to throw in a few curls in the morning before work. I’m typically able to do this two mornings with the help of dry shampoo, and then on the third day it goes up. I love Paul Mitchell hair products and bareMinerals for makeup.
What do you hope to create and spread on Household Mag?
More than anything, I hope to create a space where Owen can look back on and remember our life. The details that photographs alone don’t always hold. If through our journey others are inspired or feel less alone in this parenting game – fantastic!
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Mother’s Day Blogger Series: Hailey Andresen: Photographs courtesy of Amy Frances Photography: and @amyfrancesphoto.  

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