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Alyssa Freitas

What’s your number one tip to feeling confident in what you’re wearing?
To feel confident in what you’re wearing, you have to love it. If I put on an outfit and think to myself, “This would look better if x, y, z,” I take it off.

What is your favorite piece(s) from your wardrobe? 
My favorite pieces from my wardrobe are my blazers. They are so versatile and add polish to any outfit. From jeans and a tee shirt to a skirt and blouse, adding a blazer is my favorite way to complete a look.


How do you pick out your outfit for the day? Does it depend on how you are feeling, the weather, etc.?
My first step when picking out an outfit is looking at my calendar and figuring out if I can be casual or if I need to dress professionally (when you’re in college it seems to change every other day!). The next step is to check the weather and determine how many layers I’ll need, if I want to wear closed or open shoes, etc. After that, the creativity begins! I try to never repeat an outfit exactly. This could mean that I’ll try a completely new combination or that I’ll wear old favorites and pair some new accessories with them. I do my best to keep fashion fun!

Describe or mention the perfect, comfortable shoes for the modern day woman-on-the-go.
I’m going to cheat a little and pick two kinds: casual and professional. I firmly believe that every woman-on-the=go needs a pair of flat riding boots in her closet. For me, I like them leather, black, and with some detailing, but there are so many different versions that you can find the pair that is perfect for you. If we’re talking professional shoes, then the ideal pair will have a low heel, be comfortable, and have a distinguishing feature like a bow, buttons, or fun colors.

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