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Men’s Body Shape and Styling Guide for 2022

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Today we want to share with you a popular men’s body shape and styling guide for 2022. Starting a new year can be a significant source of motivation to change your lifestyle. For men, this can be in the form of learning more about your personal style, grooming, and developing your unique tastes.

Wardrobe planning is also an important and time-saving activity you’ll want to try this year. It can be a means of budgeting for what you want to wear for any event you might attend in the year.

Gone are the days of simply grabbing what you can find and hoping it fits. This year, menswear strives for elegance, body-consciousness, and staying clean and polished. Read on to discover how you can transform your lifestyle and become a dapper man in 2022:


This year could mark the gentleman’s return as tailored suits, overcoats, and dress shoes come back into the forte. Think about the classic 20th-century style of smart casual menswear but made for modern dressing.

men's body shape and styling guide

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If you’re a man concerned with style, you should own at least one bespoke suit tailored to your measurements in this modern era. You can start by researching expert guides such as Bespoke Unit to give you ideas for your fitting and general style inspiration. You can choose between getting either American, British, or Italian cut suits and dress shirts. These come in various jacket lengths with tails, buttonless jackets, striped waistcoats, suspenders, and climate-suitable fabrics.

Then you can move on to accessorizing your custom suit with lapel pins, pocket squares, sunglasses, watches, cufflinks, and matching duffel bags. Don’t be afraid to play around with colors such as matching two tones or color blocking. A good rule of thumb is to pair a bold colored blazer such as turquoise with a monochrome color like white.


Thanks to surging demand, brands catering to men’s skincare and grooming needs have boomed over the past few years, and 2022 will be no different. The men’s grooming products range from beard oils to spray hair gels and colognes.

Men’s grooming is still primarily focused on hair, facial hair, and skin, concerning shaving, hairstyling, and cleanliness. Skincare is also an essential component in grooming because it can give your face a clean and healthy look.

Beach hair is one of the rising trends you can expect to see coming out of barbershops. This slicked back cut is slightly saved around the temples of your head and is low maintenance enough to wear every day. Twenty-something younger guys might opt for getting a more ruffled, neatened version of ‘bed hair’ in short to medium lengths.

Another fun activity you can explore is finding your fragrance or signature scent. If you don’t know how to approach this, start by finding popular colognes, then test them against your skin or using blot paper. Additionally, look out for fragrances with infused masculine base notes such as wood and musk.


Every man has a unique body shape, so no ‘ideal’ type exists. Keep this in mind when you shop for menswear looks or choose to get bespoke outfits. It would help if you aimed for clothing that fits your current body size to be practical and wearable items in your closet.

An essential tip for fittings is to make sure your clothes are comfortable enough to fit your body without forming visible pulling or stretching lines. You must be able to move your limbs and not have loose fabric hanging off your body.

If you want to dress specifically for your shape, you’ll need to identify your shape and follow expert advice on what will suit your body. Oval body shapes are characterized by a slim shoulder area and more weight around the legs, abdomen, and waist area. If you have this body shape, then dark-toned suits with minimalist vertical stripes are known to complement your body shape and give you a more evened silhouette.

For a rectangular and trapezoid body shape where you’re more evenly proportioned or have broader shoulders and chest, clothing with patterns and prints can work well for you. Plain block colors will also help you emphasize your height and body size.

Final Thoughts

This year looks promising for developing classical men’s fashion trends with a modern twist. You can expect to see the return of bespoke three-piece suits where color is matched with monochrome.

The accessories you choose from range from pieces worn on the actual suits like branded cufflinks to sunglasses suited for your face shape. Grooming could become more common as more products become accessible and visible in the men’s market.

An important takeaway for 2022 is to dress for your body shape instead of an idealized physique. With all these elements put together to update your wardrobe, you can be sure to have a more style-adventurous, body-positive year.

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