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3 Reasons to Start Looking for Winter Clothing Now

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Today we want to share 3 reasons to start looking for winter clothing. The chill in the air has finally started to arrive and with that comes a whole new host of clothing styles and trends for the change in season. It’s the perfect time to start looking at updating your seasonal collection, even if winter hasn’t quite arrived yet.

From knitwear to coats and everything in between, you might be wondering if now is too soon to start stocking up on your winter clothing as the weather holds out for just a few more weeks. So, if you’re thinking about your seasonal strategy for your clothing collection and want to make the right decision, Whispering Smith are on hand to tell you why now is the best time for stocking your winter clothing.

Get ahead of your competitors

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Once the cold temperatures really start to emerge and the nights only get darker, everyone will be on the hunt for the latest winter styles. If you start now, you have the chance to get ahead of your competitors and get your hands on emerging trends for the upcoming season.

Whether you are a small retailer or a larger brand, you no doubt already know the importance of having the right stock at the right time. This is important to meet customer demand and maintain a positive reputation amongst your shoppers, knowing they can get the products they need from you.

By investing in winter stock now, you can bet that your brand can stay one step ahead of its competitors in delivering the right products when the time comes.

Great winter styles already available

Shopping with a reputable wholesaler means that you will no doubt be able to unlock access to great styles that are available ahead of time. Many wholesale fashion suppliers will already have ample winter stock just waiting to be sent out to retailers with their finger on the pulse.

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You will already find some great styles that can be bought right now and delivered in perfect time for the change of season, making sure you’re more prepared than ever. From coats and knitwear to shirts and skirts, the winter season is a busy one for statement pieces, workwear, loungewear and more. The earlier you start your buying process for this exciting season, the more you will benefit in the long run!

More time to be creative

By taking more time to curate your winter clothing collection, you have the chance to be more creative and incorporate unique and different styles into your range. Do you want to have the time to put your own brand or custom design on to the clothing you’ve chosen? If so, it pays to start the process early.

Starting early means you have ample time to be prepared and choose the right styles and winter fashion trends that work for your overall collection and brand, which can make a huge difference for your customers. It’s also important because it means you aren’t at risk of trying to grab last minute styles, or following the inspiration of others. Start early, be prepared and set your own path as we enter a new season of exciting clothing for men and women alike! 

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