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Traveling Soon – Try a short Term Rental Option Instead of Booking a Hotel

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Have you ever booked a hotel while traveling? Next time, try a short term rental option.

As the world is opening up from restrictions induced by Covid-19, many of us have travel on our minds. Why shouldn’t it be? This is probably the first time in decades where every one of us was restricted to staying at home. If you are one of those travelers who doesn’t like ‘touch and go’ and prefer immersing in the culture of the place you are traveling to, then the idea of staying in one of the short term rentals in Chicago may excite you. Here are a few reasons why you should choose to stay in a short-term rental the next time you plan to travel.


In Chicago, short-term rentals can be more economical than hotels, particularly for longer trips. Short term rentals Chicago are, on average, cost 30-50 percent less than upscale hotels. Many expert travelers have noticed that a one-bedroom furnished short-term rental generally offers a minimum of double the square footage one would be getting in a hotel. This can help a lot of travelers out there to minimize the cost of accommodation while at the same time getting more amenities as well as space.

In-house eating options

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Photo by Gary Barnes on Pexels

A major expense incurred on most trips is room service or dining out. Initially, you might like to dine out to get the feel of the culture, but after a few days, you would prefer to eat in. When you stay in a hotel, the only option you have is to order room service. However, when you choose to stay in any of the Short term rentals Chicagoyou will get a fully equipped full-size kitchen right in your room, allowing you to create healthier options while saving their budget.


One of the best parts about living in one of the Short term rentals Chicago is the privacy you will be getting on vacation. Let’s put it out there, sometimes greeting staff every day can be tiring, especially for introverts, but in a short-term rental option, you can just come and go as you please. There aren’t any rules and entry times or any such for you to make small talk with the staff. Most short-term rentals have private common areas where one can spread out and feel like you are much at home.

Feels a lot like home

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

While hotels look great in photos, they can often feel “clinical” and lack that special something you get in a cozy, private home rental. The primary reason why most people prefer to stay in one of the Short term rentals Chicago is because they provide an authentic residential experience with a kitchen in the room and parking space and allow you to lounge around as you want, which can feel like you a lot like home. Most of the short term rentals also allow pets in their rooms.

Live like a local

There is a shift in the way people have been traveling till now. Trends like ecotourism where tourists want to avoid popular tourist attractions are slowly catching up and staying in a short-term rental lets you see your destination through the eyes of a local and allows you to stay in local areas. This is beneficial for people traveling internationally for the first time and wants to get a true sense of what it would be like to live there. Choosing short-term rental will help you get to know a neighborhood that’s more off the beaten track and find hidden gems in the city. 

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, it may be time to rethink your options if you have been staying in a hotel. Short term rentals Chicago or whether you call them furnished apartments or extended-stay rentals, short-term housing can offer significant advantages to business travelers and people who like to travel for leisure alike. Free WiFi or high-speed internet access, giving you the homely feeling, allowing you to live like a local, to name a few.

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